How To Become a Poker Rockstar

During the Purpose Inc. Poker Tournament at Affiliate Summit West, I got a chance to try out my poker playing skills against affiliates who’s been playing for years. I didn’t make it into the final table but I did came 13th, which was only three spots away. However, I should have gotten knocked out a lot sooner. Looking at my play, I made some really stupid bets that pay off because of sheer luck.

The next day, I got an email from my good friend Neil Patel. Included in the email was an eBook he wrote on how to win at Poker. My first thought was, “Why couldn’t you send me this before I went to DK’s tournament?” The eBook is a free giveaway on Neil’s new blog, Online Poker Lowdown.

Most people know Neil as an entrepreneur but he is also a poker fanatic. When he started, he tried to read as much information online about poker but couldn’t find one good website that could help him go from not knowing anything about poker to becoming an expert.

After a while he gave up and decided that he would get good at it by playing in countless tournaments and games. That strategy worked and he did get good. The problem was he lost over $13,000 before he got good. Online Poker Lowdown is Neil’s venue to blog about all the things he learned and continue to learn about poker.

On his About page, Neil promise three things with his new blog:

  1. You’ll become a poker rockstar – if you are willing to put the time and effort into getting good at poker, I promise that I’ll do everything in my power to make you a poker rockstar. From teaching you about the basics to helping you with advanced poker strategy.
  2. I’ll save you money – I can’t guarantee that you won’t lose money, but I’ll help you avoid the dumb mistakes I made so you won’t have to spend $13,000 to get good at poker.
  3. I’ll never brag – a lot of people like talking about how much money they make playing poker. You’ll never have to worry about that with me because it does no good for me to brag. Just think of it this way, if I told you how I made thousands dollars playing poker will it help you make thousands of dollars? No! So there is no point in me bragging.

If you want to play some poker but don’t like the idea of losing $13,000 before getting good, then download Neil’s guide and save yourself a lot of money. While you’re there, sign up for his RSS feed since Neil updates the blog quite frequently.

I’ll be using all of Neil’s tips for DK’s next poker tournament. All you players better watch out!