How To Become a PPC Professional with PPC Ian


Judging by the number of readers who downloaded Jonathan Volk’s guide to affiliate marketing, I say there is a ton of people wanting to know more about Pay Per Click and search engine marketing. While there is a ton of money to be made from using PPC to send traffic to affiliate offers, there’s also a ton of money to be made by running the PPC campaigns for large companies and individuals. This is where Ian Lopuch of PPC Ian comes in. If you’re looking for a PPC career, his blog is a good place to start.

Who Is PPC Ian?

Ian Lopuch is the go to guy in corporate Silicon Valley when it comes to pay per click search engine marketing. When it comes to pay per click as a career path, Ian says there’s nobody more knowledgeable, accomplished, and well known than him. The goal with PPC Ian is to impart his knowledge on you.

PPC IanMy greatest sense of accomplishment comes from mentoring others and I sincerely hope to boost your personal career in PPC with my no-nonsense tips and strategies. Beyond tactical PPC, my goal is to detail “the game” and how to win it (and by winning I mean making as much money as possible, getting promoted rapidly, and building up fame around your own name). In this article, I’ll discuss my unique story, why I decided to launch PPC Ian, and how PPC Ian differs from other blogs in the space.

Ian doesn’t know this but our paths had crossed before. He got his search engine marketing career started at NexTag. I had a business relationship with NexTag during the time he worked there. NexTag is one of the biggest PPC and media buyers in the business. In fact, NexTag claims they’re the Internet’s biggest media buyer. It was a great place for Ian to learn how things really work in the PPC and SEM world. Since then, Ian has worked for dozens of companies and clients and is currently the Director of SEM at a large public company.

Want a Career as a PPC Professional?

If the idea of being a Pay Per Click professional appeals to you, then you’ll want to download PPC Ian’s eBook featuring his Top 5 PPC Career Tips. The eBook is free and can be downloaded at the PPC Ian home page. More PPC and SEM career advice can be found at the PPC Ian blog. Some of the more interesting posts include:

As good as the blog posts are, the real gem of Ian’s work is in his free book. The five tips he gave were stuff I never though of and would really help me if I choose to pursue a career as a PPC professional. Even if that is not your career choice, the ebook is still worth downloading because the information can be extended into other areas.

Just as I was finishing up this review, Ian posted a video introducing himself. It’s clear to me that Ian understands branding just as well as he understands PPC marketing. And he’s a Mac user to boot. I’ll be adding PPC Ian to my RSS reader.