How To Book Your Own Performancing Ads

One of the major advantages of the new Performancing Ads network is they allow you to sell your own ads and use them to serve it for free. If you already have some 125×125 buttons sold privately, it’s very easy to add them to Performancing Ads. And it won’t cost you anything because Performancing Ads does not take a cut of your private ad sales. If you are like me and have every single button sold, then you can use Performance Ads to serve the buttons, keep all the money and still be listed in their publisher marketplace.

Being listed in the Performancing Ads marketplace exposes your blog to 1000’s of potential advertisers. If you’re having trouble making private ad sales, signing up with Performancing Ads may just be the ticket. Remember, using performancing Ads does not prevent you from selling the ad space yourself. You can still do that and use Performancing Ads to serve it. Here’s a screen cast on how to book your own private ads into Performancing Ads.

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