How to Build a WordPress Affiliate Store in 15 Minutes

You’ve probably heard John say it before, but it’s a sentiment worth repeating: the best kind of income is passive income. If you can do the work once, but continue to reap the rewards well into the future, then you’ve got yourself a winning formula for achieving the dot com lifestyle. And one way to go about doing that is to build an affiliate store.

The problem is that it can sometimes be challenging or incredibly technical to create your own affiliate store, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In today’s review, we’ll take a look at WP All Import and the accompanying WooCommerce add-on. As you can likely glean from the title of this post, the idea with this product is that you can have your affiliate store up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

What Is WP All Import?

Most of us would agree that WordPress is one of the better content management systems on the web today, not only for blogs like this, but for all sorts of different website types. It’s search engine friendly, it has a huge support community, and it’s remarkably versatile. And yes, you can use it to build affiliate sites too.


WP All Import is a plugin for WordPress that lets you import XML and CSV content easily and effectively. When you combine it with the WooCommerce add-on, you get a tool that completely streamlines the process for building a fully stocked affiliate store. It works with external/affiliate products and it is able to pull in the necessary product information (and your affiliate links) through datafeeds.

The tool will work with any datafeed, but you’ll most likely be using the datafeed from your favorite affiliate network. The people at WP All Import say that Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareASale, AvantLink and Zanox are all easy to join and they all have good feeds that you can use.

Works with Any WordPress Theme

It is important to note that WP All Import and WooCommerce don’t completely take over your WordPress website. That’s a good thing, because it means that you can still use whatever WordPress theme you want. If you like one of the many themes that have been optimized for conversions, you can go ahead and use it. This solution also integrates with the Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack plug-ins, so you can import the keywords, product titles and descriptions from the datafeed of your choice to populate the associated fields in those plug-ins.


Here is an example of an affiliate store that is running on WP All Import and WooCommerce. As you can see, the tool was able to easily import all the necessary information, like the product names, images, pricing, and categories. It also supports layered navigation, so potential customers can filter by price, browse through brands and so forth.

You do have a fair bit of flexibility here, so while WP All Import and WooCommerce will do the heavy lifting with importing your datafeed information and automatically updating your site with new products, removing old products, and so on, it is still up to you to optimize the design and drive traffic to your site for you to make any money.

Can I Really Do It in 15 Minutes?

Instead of showcasing some sort of promotional video to sell you on the product, the WP All Import people have instead posted a tutorial video on the main page. This walks you through the entire process of setting up your store.

The video itself is only three minutes, but it does give you a good idea of what you can expect. Some of the quoted 15 minutes will be taken up by simply waiting for your datafeed to import. After that, you have the opportunity to further customize how it all works together.


What’s very useful is that when you are in the settings area inside WordPress, you can drag and drop the dynamic values into the fields where you want to use them. This does take some manual configuration, so whether you can do all of this in 15 minutes really depends on how familiar you are with using a system like this.

Special Deal for John Chow dot Com Readers

This is a very powerful tool when put in the right hands. It’s still up to you to find the right design and the right feed. It’s still up to you to drive traffic to your site too, of course. I would have liked to see the configuration process to be a little cleaner, but this is the nature of dealing with datafeeds. They can be messy.

Want to power your datafeed-fueled affiliate store with WP All Import and WooCommerce? Right now, they have a “limited time offer” to get the combo for $129, but if you enter the code “chow” on checkout, you’ll save an extra 15% off that price.