How To Do An Aweber Blog Broadcast

For my second attempt at a screen cast (See the first one here), I’m going to show you how to use Aweber to do a blog broadcast. A blog broadcast is a fast and easy way to create content for your newsletter. It allows Aweber to take the contents of your RSS feed and turn it into a newsletter that summarizes the past few days or posts that was written on your blog.

The really neat thing about the blog broadcast feature is it will increase the RSS count on your FeedBurner chicklet. This is because Aweber reports subscription information to FeedBurner. So, if you have a mailing list of say 5,000 readers, setting up blog broadcast in Aweber will increase your FeedBurner RSS counter by 5,000!

Blog broadcast is one of the reasons I like Aweber so much. In addition to turning my RSS feed into a newsletter, Aweber is great for other evil things as well. But, that’s a post for another day. 😈