How To Earn More Money with Less Work

Even a 2-year old boy would want to earn more money, without doing much.

A lot of us believe in the 80/20 pareto principle and it’s important that you simplify the whole process. Don’t you think so?

You’ve to work on your most important task. The tasks that have the potential to bring more cash into your bank account.

But it could get confusing, when you consider all the activities a blogger is expected to carry out on a daily basis. Most of the time, it may seem that all the tasks are vital, and you can’t easily sacrifice one for the other.

What if you’re just starting out?

The truth of the matter is that if you’re new to blogging or haven’t made significant income, then you may think the idea of working less and earning more wouldn’t apply to your case.

But I don’t think so. In fact, it’s a lot easier for beginners since they’re yet to immerse themselves into the work.

The most important factor to earning more is to stay FOCUS.

Why FOCUS is powerful

stay focus

Bill Gates was the world’s richest man at a time. If I should ask you why and what he does, what would your answer be? He is focused on Microsoft and channeled all his creative energy into it.

I’m not here to talk about the development aspect, because I don’t know the technicalities involved. But you get the point, right? Mark Zuckerberg is one of the world’s youngest Billionaires because he’s focused on Facebook and nothing else.

Yes, in recent times, Mark has acquired a lot of other online properties, but they’re all geared towards building a more friendly social media network.

Warren Buffett is wealthy, famous and cheerful, not because he had the best education than most of us had, but because he’s focused and calculative on what to invest his money on. He’s focused on investment.

If you want to earn more, stay focused.

Yes, you heard me right. Stop searching for money making opportunities everywhere. This can take up a bunch of your time and cause you to waste money.

In order to work lesser than you’re doing right now and get more, focus is a vital key that can take you there.

Of course, you don’t have to quit twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to earn more. In fact, you can use their robust platforms especially Google+ to establish your authority. But don’t get carried away by the things happening there. Don’t spend more than 2 hours tweeting; it’s not wise at all.

Don’t share a link if you can achieve a better result with a tweet. If it’s an image, instead of wasting time sharing the image link on Facebook, a pin on your board would do the job perfectly.

Our goal is to cut down on the activities that take us away from the main thing. To avoid distractions, when you’re writing a blog post, disconnect from the internet and just go offline.

A word of caution: Don’t launch another blog or product if you’ve not made any significant income from the first. It could be possible that you made a mistake or trespassed, which is causing the failure – find out the reason and fix it.

Stay focused. If you prefer to monetize your blog with affiliate links and banners, don’t distract your visitors with Google AdSense Ads. Experiment with affiliate offers and see how much you can earn before diversifying your income portfolio.

Take this home

As you can see, focus is a very vital key for anyone who wants to make more money online, with less effort. One of the reasons why John Chow is rich is because he has only one authority site and all his creative efforts and investment goes into it.

There is nothing wrong with having multiple sites and products. But it’s going to take a lot of hard work to manage and build relationship with the target audience. And this is the CORE!

Yes, you can earn more when you tune to the “focus antenna.” I’m sure you can do it?

What other simple strategy can bring you more money, with less work?

Flicker Photo: Jedimentat

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