How to Escape from the Day-to-Day Grind

Most of the people who choose to read this blog are interested in how to get out of the rat race and start working for themselves. This “dot com lifestyle” doesn’t have to be achieved through blogging, of course, so what other options do you have?

Eleven years ago, Peter Trevellian published a book called Escapology. The book has now been updated, revised and expanded for an audience in 2010. In fact, this is the tenth edition of the book and it serves as the subject of today’s review.

What’s Old Is New Again

Some people may scoff at books like that were originally published more than a decade ago. After all, things like Twitter and the Apple iPhone didn’t even exist eleven years ago. However, some of the content is “evergreen” and the rest has been updated to fit with contemporary life.

The book, which appears to be only available in e-book digital download format, spans over 400 pages and it describes various strategies of how you can “build passive streams of recession-proof income” and how you can “make insane amounts of money anywhere in the world.” We all want that, right?

Some of the e-book can be considered a tutorial or a guide, but a lot of it is based on real life experiences, not only of author Peter Trevellian, but also many of his readers, clients, and acquaintances. All in all, Escapology contains “101 easy ways to escape 9 to 5, become financially free, and have the time of your life.”

How to Escape the Nine-to-Five

The idea is that everyone is different and what may work for one person may not work for another. If you hate getting your hands dirty, a job as a construction worker probably isn’t appropriate. This is why Escapology offers 101 different methods for you to consider.

The first two chapters aren’t methods at all. Instead, they remind you that losing your job is “your lucky day” and that you shouldn’t get a job if you want to be rich. That’s because you’d still be trading hours for dollars, regardless of what hourly wage you manage to earn. Passive income streams, when implemented properly, have limitless potential.

Shown above is a brief snippet from the table of contents. You can learn how to be an Internet entrepreneur, for instance, as well as a passport broker, consultant, and a wealthy author.

Two Examples of Escaping

The actual content of the lengthy book may be interesting and valuable, but it is not without its faults. I found a great number of typos and other errors littered throughout the text, including errors in headers and titles.

Can you spot some of the issues with the excerpt above? They’re not sinful, but they do take away from the overall professionalism of the piece. Ironically enough, this is taken from the chapter for how you can make a large amount of money as a copywriter.

Instead of taking a flat fee, the author suggests that you take a percentage of the increased profit that your customers will enjoy as a result of your services. This opens up greater potential, but of course it comes at a greater risk as well.

One of the strangest methods described among the 101 strategies outlined in the book is to start your own religion. It starts off with a discussion of Jim Jones, but it goes on into how starting your own religion can be quite profitable. This reminds me of a South Park episode.

The chapter continues with a discussion on Scientology, selling inspirational books, and a career as a new age counselor. Interestingly enough, the next chapter discusses how you can be an independent missionary and earn “infinite returns on your investment.” How’s that for unorthodox?

Jailbreaking Your Life

I can’t really say whether the guidance provided in this book can be utilized by everyone, but simply exploring the different options available to you can really open your eyes to what is possible. There are chances at passive income streams all around you; you just have to see them.

The e-book is very text heavy, but it does offer some unique perspectives. From getting rich with an invention to running an import/export business, from tracing missing heirs to rock concert promoter, there is certainly quite a range for you to consider.

The e-book sells for $49.97 and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.