How to Generate Traffic to Your Website

“Why do you need traffic to your website? The simplest answer is that because without traffic your website doesn’t exist.”

And so begins How to Generate Traffic to Your Website, an e-book written by Stephane Grenier. He’s right. If your website exists in isolation and doesn’t get any traffic, it may as well not exist. After all, what’s the point if there are no customers there to buy your products or visitors there to read your content? Although he doesn’t really provide any groundbreaking revelations, you’ll find through this review that Stephane’s book is actually not too bad.

First Impressions

Stephane Grenier, founder of LandlordMax Software Inc., says that he knows a thing or two about getting traffic to any website. I think we’ve all come across more than a few individuals with such claims, so Steph starts out his e-book by telling us who he is and why we should listen to him. The first piece of proof that he provides is “if you’re reading this EBook it means you found my website. I was able to build you paths to find my website where you bought this Ebook using the techniques I’m about to describe. Hence the techniques in this Ebook work!”

That’s some pretty wonky logic right there. Just because one person is reading the content doesn’t automatically make you a pro at generating traffic. Even so, as I dug a little deeper in the content, I found that there was quite a bit of worthwhile information. Like I said, it’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it does provide some the basics that you’ll want to know about “building paths” to your website. The more ways that people can find your site, the better.

Traffic-Building Strategies

Join the party. That seems to be the theme of the sales page, as evidenced by the anonymous group of individuals at the top of the page. I guess this could represent the random visitors who will be finding their way to your site.


The e-book is 138 pages long and is broken down into 11 chapters. Each chapter, in turn, is further divided into a few sections. Some of the sections that you can expect to find are:

  • Which keyword should you optimize for?
  • Dynamic versus Static Content
  • What Makes Great Content?
  • What are Social Network Sites and Why are they Important?
  • How can you increase your Quality Score and CTR?

It’s great that Steph is so comprehensive with his techniques, including both on-site and off-site search engine optimization, taking advantage of social networks, using web directories, avoiding duplicate content, and paid advertising methods. He even goes at length to explain how Google PageRank works.

Layout and Grammar

How to Generate Traffic to Your Website makes good use of a variety of graphs and other visual aids so that you can better understand the concepts being described. For example, Steph included this screenshot from Google Trends.


Along the way, he also highlights a number of important tips. These are offset from the rest of the text, emphasizing their importance.


Although it’s pretty good, the e-book is not free of errors. I found several instances of missing commas and, even more often, I found instances where the capitalization of titles would be totally off. The text is still perfectly readable, but Steph might want to get a professional editor to give the e-book some polishing. The version that I got was already edited, so these errors are absolutely inexcusable.

Sample Section

To give you both a better sense of Steph’s writing style and the type of guidance you should expect from his e-book, let me provide you with a brief excerpt.

As a rule of thumb, if your website requires a form to be filled and a button to be pressed the odds of Google finding it dramatically decrease. Hence if your website is a blog using WordPress as the engine, Google will be able to find your blog posts. However Google will often not be able to make it past your initial purchase form as it requires a form to be filled and a button to be pressed. Although this isn’t entirely accurate, the idea is that for dynamic content that requires user input, the odds of Google finding it decrease significantly.

It’s not perfect, but by the end of the paragraph, you understand the point he’s trying to make.

An Affordable Investment For Website Traffic

Priced at $28.95, How to Generate Traffic to Your Website is a solid launching point for anyone looking to increase the number of visitors to their site, whether it be an e-store or a personal blog. Steph is thorough and honest in his descriptions, reminding us that SEO efforts rarely take immediate effect. Building traffic is an ongoing process, you know.