How To Get Back Links Like a Pro

The most important factors for deciding where your blog will land on the search engines are links. Generally speaking, the more links you have pointing to your blog, the higher you’ll rank. However, what’s even more important than the quantity of links is the quality – a link from CNN is worth far more than a link from a brand-new site.

Link building is something that all blogs need and should be part of your overall marketing strategy. It can be a slow, painful and expensive process. The easiest way to go about it is by hiring professional help. The last SEO firm I worked with got me onto page 1 of Google for the term ‘Free WordPress Installation.’ Right now, I’m testing a new service called Get Links Pro.

What Is Get Links Pro?

Get Links Pro is a new startup service with a small in-house team for all your link building efforts. Unlike other SEO Companies, Get Links Pro does not outsource the link building to some offshore outfits. Everything is done in-house. This ensures timely delivery and better quality control.

What makes Get Links Pro stand out is their pricing. They’re the most affordable link building service I’ve came across. If you compare their prices with others who rank for ‘directory submission’ or ‘directory submission service’ keywords on first page of Google, you’ll find Get Links Pro has the best deals.

Get Links Pro offer a total of nine link building packages ranging from unbelievable to amazing. I personally feel they need better names for the packages. Let’s face it, if I were to ask you which should cost more: unbelievable, extraordinary or amazing, you could make an argument that any of the names could be the top dog.

Get Links Pro offer six link building services:

The Get Links Pricing does become unbelievable and amazing when you find out that all submissions are done manually and without the use of any bots. This ensures that all submissions are accepted by the various directories and article services.

How Does Get Links Pro Offer Such Low Price without Outsourcing?

Anyone looking at Get Links Pro will say it’s impossible to offer their prices without outsourcing the service to India. How can Get Links Pro offer such low prices in-house? Well, the reason is they are in India. In fact, they’re the company that SEO companies in the US outsource to!

If you have a fair understanding of SEO and know what keywords to target, Get Links Pro is a great way to by-pass the middle man and go right to source. I will be using them a lot in the future.