How To Get Free Advertising with Performancing Ads

The Exchange Ads

An often overlooked feature of the new Performancing Ads network is the Exchange Ads system. This is because the explanation Performancing Ads has on their site doesn’t explain it very well.

The exchange system is a credit based system that is internal to Performancing Ads publishers. A publisher earns a set baseline of credits simply for displaying ads, and earns even more credits when ads are sold on his or her site. Credits are then converted into free traffic for the publisher

I fired off an email to Performancing Ads to find out more details about the Exchange Ads system and how it works to benefit publishers.

Exchange Ads works on a credit system. The more credits you have, the more your exchange ads are displayed on other publisher’s websites. The number of credits it takes to have your exchange ad displayed on a publisher’s site is equal to the booking rate for the site, times 100. So, if it takes $15.00 to book an ad on a publisher’s site, it takes 1,500 credits to have your exchange ad shown on that site. Credits are earned in two ways.

1 – Selling Ad Space On Your Site

When a advertiser buys ad space on the publisher’s site, the publisher not only gets 60% of the ad money but he also earn credits equal to the purchase price. So, if the final checkout price is $25.00, the publisher earns 2,500 credits to buy ad space on other Performancing Ads publishers.

Displaying Other Publisher’s Exchange Ads

The second system is a little more exciting, as it works like a micro economy. Credits are transferred from publisher A’s account, to publisher B’s account, when publisher A’s exchange ad is displayed on publisher B’s site. So the more your site is showing other people’s exchange ads, the more credits you earn to show your own exchange ads.

Performancing Ads starts all new publishers with 2,500 credits to get the ball rolling. In other words, you can get free advertising just for signing up.

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