How To Get Rich and Famous with Your Blog Webinar Replay

The webinar I did with Charles Bohannan last week went off very well. We had nearly 1,000 people registered and I had a total blast. I will be doing more webinars in the future.

Many people have asked for it and I’ve finally been able to put up a replay. You can watch it below. If you’re wondering how I’m able to upload an hour long video onto YouTube, it’s because I’m a YouTube partner and don’t have the 15 minute restriction.

During the webinar, Charles made a special offer for his new book, The Blogger’s Guide to Creating Great Content. The eBook takes everything we talked about during the webinar and breaks it down and expands on it. If you want to improve the content creation of your blog, this book is an invaluable asset. As bonus, Charles will include his Great Content Cheat Sheet when you purchase The Blogger’s Guide to Creating Great Content.

I’ve Decided To Include a Bonus of My Own

I am writing an eBook on advanced email marketing. No doubt you’ve read some of my blog posts on the topic. Those posts are just scratching the surface. The really good stuff is going to be in the book. So, here’s the deal.

Buy The Blogger’s Guide to Creating Great Content and when my eBook is ready, you’ll get it for FREE. Just forward me your receipt and I’ll add you to my VIP list of people to send the eBook to. This offer expires on Sunday, March 27 at 5PM PDT so act fast. Enjoy the replay and then go get the book.

Click Here To Get The Blogger’s Guide to Creating Great Content