How To Integrate Flickr Photos Into Your Blog Post

Welcome to another John Chow dot Com screen cast. Today, I’m going to show a really nice WordPress plugin to embed Flickr photos into your blog posts. The plugin is call Flickr Photo Album for WordPress by Tan Tan Noodles. This is the same plugin that powers my photo gallery.

One really cool feature of the Flickr Photo Album is it will add a new Flickr icon to your WordPress editor screen. This will allow you to easily insert your Flickr photos into your blog posts with just a couple clicks. You can have the inserted photos link to your WordPress photo album or directly to your photo album.

There are a couple of advantages to having Flickr host your photos. The first is you save resources on your server or hosting plan. The second is Flickr can send traffic to your blog. Watch the screen cast to find out how you can do this.