How To Invest Your Affiliate Income and Double It

Do you make money online?

If yes, then I’m sure you want to double it without doing extra work all by yourself. Well, it’s possible.

The truth is that you can wisely invest your affiliate and online earnings and deliberately change your financial status.

Most bloggers are making a very big mistake – they receive their affiliate checks, PayPal transfers and the next unwise step is to go shopping.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing evil about shopping and enjoying life to the fullest if you can afford it. But you must plan and build for tomorrow. I’m convinced that quite a lot of people who are reading this post are still interested in making more money. I am!

If you’re one of us, then get this straight: you don’t need more opportunities; you simply need to re-invest your earnings or a portion of it into the right mediums.

A different kind of investment


I’m not an expert in stock investment. So zero your mind because I’m bringing you a different kind of investment. You may have an idea of what the tip is about, but I didn’t see you doing it like you mean it. How about looking at your online business and picking out areas that need a facelift.

For instance, if you’ve a fairly new blog that receives 500+ unique visitors/readers monthly, don’t you think you should invest on converting that traffic?

Of course, getting more people to regularly check out your blog is wise too, but engaging the current readers is more powerful. And successful blogging isn’t about thousands of readers (which can be a goldmine as well); it’s about harnessing the potentials of the few loyal readers.

Invest in your blog design

Several times I’ve written a post on this topic. Blog design is very important to your success online. Yes, most successful bloggers have very simple designs utilizing very fast themes, but they have been there years ago. You shouldn’t compare yourself to them or complain that no one is listening to you.

Having quality (valuable, helpful, resourceful etc.) content is vital and necessary, but you need to first attract the people. A beautiful blog can entice people to buy your e-book even if they don’t need the information as yet. This is a fact.

Is your blog design pissing off your readers? It’s time to invest at least $200 – $3k and get your design done by a professional once and for all. Yes, with $300, you can customize your wordpress theme and make it look professional and ready to house your best content and hook your readers.

Invest in resourceful content

Inasmuch as thousands of new blogs are being launched daily, your target audience is still hungry for the right kind of content. Tell me, what is the #1 reason people use Google search engine? Content!

People have problems or challenges to make it sound entrepreneurial, and their only source of succor is the search engine.

People visit YouTube for videos not because they’ve extra time added to their 168 hours per week, but because they want to achieve a particular goal – become better in their chosen fields or increase their knowledge base and so on.

Invest in resourceful content. The kind of posts that readers will find helpful and beneficial, timely no matter what changes are going on right now. It doesn’t matter the darts Google throws at you, resourceful content which your readers can’t find elsewhere would always take you to the top.

You may not have enough time or knowledge to write this type of posts, that’s why you need to invest. Get a good freelance blogger, pay him once and reap the rewards for months and even years to come.

Invest in specialized marketing

Don’t be confused by the phrase “specialized marketing.” I decided to use it because of the importance of specialization in today’s blogging world.

You need to be the best at what you do. Your target audience will not accept half-baked ideas, posts or products. You need to really stand out in the crowd and showcase your very best.

Marketing is the lifeblood of blogging. But you must know areas to invest your money in and have a clear and realistic plan. Let me give you an example. If your blog is about small business, the wise places to advertise are where your ideal audience meets. Not on your competitors’ blogs.

In the same vein, if you want to write a guest post, don’t write a guest post for a freelance writing blog if you’re a freelance blogger/writer. You’d certainly fail. No client. No money.

But if your guest post gets featured on media sites, business growth blogs and the likes, within the first few hours of your post going live, you should expect prospective clients to write you.

Invest in you – start learning

Learn all you can. Take online courses that will improve your knowledge on social media, SEO, link building, email marketing as well as outsourcing.

Also, did you know that knowing how money comes in and where it goes in your business can literally double your income and worth? If you want to learn more, download Lifestyle Entrepreneurship Book.

Aha, make sure you put more attention on mastering the art of outsourcing because that one skill alone can make you productive, passion driven and help you earn more when you focus on what you can do and get others involved.

Where do you invest your affiliate and online earnings? I’m sure you’ve gained so much from this post and all I ask is that you take action on at least one of the tips. You read to this point, right? Now go and act on what you read. Will ya?

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