How To Kill DuggMirror

DuggMirror is a service that takes copies of Dugg pages that were taken down because of the Digg Effect. It allows Diggers to view the page without waiting for the downed site to come back to life. The problem is Dugg Mirror can be used even when the site hasn’t gone down. If your server is powerful enough to handle a Digg then you should not allow Dugg Mirror to mirror your stories. Here is how to kill the DuggMirror.

If your server doesn’t already have a robots.txt file, create one using Notepad and enter the following code:

User-agent: duggmirror
Disallow: /

Save the file and upload it to your root folder. If you already have a robots.txt file, then add the above code to it. The code tells DuggMirror that it is not welcome here – get lost. Now if someone tries to get a mirror any of my Dugg posts, like How Much Is A Domain Name Worth, this is what they get at DuggMirror.

Even if your server cannot handle a Digg it may still be a good idea to kill the mirror. This is because DuggMirror can get your stories indexed by Google. So, instead of Google sending traffic to your site, they’re sending it to DuggMirror instead.

On a positive note, DuggMirror is a complete mirrior – everything on your page is reproduced, including any advertising you are running. If you are running Google AdSense, those ads will show up on Dugg Mirror. Any clicks will gets credited to your AdSense account. If a page on your site is already mirrored and you want it removed, you can email DuggMirror and they will remove it.