How To Make $16,000 A Day While On Vacation

This trip to Central America is turning out to be an extremely profitable vacation. I flew into Costa Rica Wednesday night at around 8pm.

I’m staying at the Riu Palace Costa Rica for the next three weeks. The Palace is a good name for this place because it’s a big as a palace. I’ll have some pictures and video of the Palace in a future blog post.

Everything is bigger at the Riu Palace, especially the drinks. It’s a real work out just holding it! However, I’m not here for the drinks. I live the Dot Com Lifestyle, and that means I can make money from anywhere in the world. Even when I’m on vacation.


Most people go on vacation to spend money. I go on vacation to make money. Yesterday was my first official day of “working” from Costa Rica, and it has been very profitable indeed. This is the earning from just one of the many networks I deal with.


Does the idea of traveling to exotic destinations, and making money while you’re there, appeal to you? Let’s face it, making $16K while relaxing by the Riu Palace pools is a lot of fun. And this is just the first day!

Explaining how I do all this would require a book. Fortunately, I’ve written one! The Ultimate Online Profit Model details the business models that I use to generate six figure monthly income, and live the Dot Com Lifestyle. If you haven’t downloaded your copy, you need to do so now. It will change your life, open your mind, and allow you to join me on the beaches of the world.

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