How To Make a Profitable Facebook Ad Campaign

The following is a guest post by Dan Palanchuk. Dan is a 15 year old affiliate marketer generating $xx,xxx a month. Check out his blog for tips, strategies, and case studies.

When I started doing facebook PPC last month, I quickly learned the system and the basics. There are many different ways to target in Facebook ads that there is an endless number of possibilities. It may be confusing at first, but once you test it a few times, you’ll be able to understand it.

To begin, you have to have a Facebook account. Then go to and then click on “or manage exisiting ads.” After you do so, go to “Billing” to input your information for payments. Now go back to the main interference, click on “Create an Ad” and this is where you make Facebook ads.  Now that you have all that ready to go, you’re ready to make your first campaign.

Step 1:

Go to your affiliate network and look at all the available offers. (If you’re not signed up to one, hit me up, and I’ll get you into EWANetwork.) Offers that generally do good on Facebook is dating, mobiles, email submits, and lead gens. Talk to your affiliate manager to see what’s doing good on Facebook.

Step 2:

Now that you have picked an offer, you can either direct link or create a landing page. Landing pages are for the more experienced affiliates, so I recommend you to stick to direct linking.  Copy the url from the affiliate network and paste it in Facebook ads in “URL.” Do you notice how I put text after the url so that I could track which offer is converting the best for me and is getting me the most clicks. I usually type in “age-age-female/male-country-1″ The one stands for the ad copy so for the next one, I’ll have 2, then 3, and so on.

Step 3:

This is where you have to get creative and make a good ad copy. Something that will get the user’s attention with 25 characters. I wrote down a simple ad copy to show you how it can be done. The only way you’ll succeed on facebook ads and in affiliate marketing in general is by being creative and creating multiple ad copies to find the best one.

Go to google, bing, flickr to find as many images as you can for your offer. Make sure at the end of the text to make the user click the ad by saying “Click here” or something else that convinces the user to click on the ad. This step is the most important of all the other ones as this is the ad copy people are going to be seeing on facebook. I usually start out with 2-4 ad copies, and 10-15 images.

Step 4:

Pretty simple. It’s the country you’re going to target. If you found an offer in your affiliate network only allowing US traffic, keep it at “United States.” You can change the country if you want to run a Canadian or Australian offer.

Step 5:

Since this email submit requires users to be 18 and older, I targeted 18-22 to find the best ad copy. It would be best to target male and female separately as your conversion rate will be different.  I will then make the same ad copy for 4 year increments. 23-27, 28-32, 33-37, and so on.

Step 6:

This is where you’re going to pick who you’re going to target. There are a lot of “Likes & Interests” to target. You just have to find the right ones for your campaign. I’ve never ran this campaign on facebook, it was just for demonstrating. People who have a zune might not have an iPad, so giving them one for free will interest them. Another example is for a dating offer is to target people who’ve liked “Travel” and in the ad copy have a title of “Need A Travel Companion?” This step is crucial in your campaign.

Step 7:

Since this isn’t a dating offer, we are going to leave it as it is. If you are going to a promote a dating offer on Facebook, it is required for you to choose “Interested In” and “Relationship” or else they’ll disapprove your dating ad.

Step 8:

An affiliate marketer always has to be organized so you should start trying to do that as well by naming campaigns a specific way. I usually start my budget at 3x the payout of the offer. Also, I pause the campaign so I can run it when I’m available to analyze the campaign stats. Since France has a different timezone, you shouldn’t run an offer at 3pm-9pm USA time, when it’s  9pm-6am there.


Example: ewanetwork-dating-travel-usa-30-33-female-1

Step 9:

This is the final step of making a Facebook campaign. Start out by doing “Pay for Clicks” because you’ll only be paying for people who’ve clicked on your ad. “Pay for Impressions” is mostly used for international traffic since that’s generally cheap.

The way I usually bid, is by typing at $.10 and increasing it by $.10 each time. I keep increasing it until I stop seeing the yellow box from Facebook saying “We strongly recommend bidding. . . ” .

In this case, I went up until $.60 because that’s when Facebook stopped showing the message inside the yellow box.

Congratulations if you’ve read through this whole article! You now know how to make a Facebook ad. Keep trying and testing and then eventually you’ll kind a profitable campaign. The most important step in all of this is to take action. Don’t just say you’re going to do it tomorrow. Do it now! Visit my blog for tips, techniques, and strategies for Facebook ads and making money online.