How To Make Money By Teaching On The Internet

With more and more people on the internet everyday, it is now possible to make a profit teaching just about anything. It’s also no secret that the most successful teachers are the ones that target a specific problem, desire or action.

You can do the same thing, you can teach something and get paid to do it. It’s nowhere near as impossible as you might think. It is just a matter of applying the steps you’ll read in this post.

1. Find Something Useful To Teach People

The best topics to teach are the ones where you teach people how to solve a problem or how to achieve a strong desire. As a general rule of thumb, a good topic must have some competition. There should be at least a couple of websites teaching exactly what you’re going to teach.

Get ideas from Amazon books

This is a great way to find a topic. Just go to, and use the category system to surf around book categories. Carefully observe the book titles, the table of contents (below the book photo) and its reviews. These are books that are published by big companies and go through extensive market research before being published and this is great because it is like a confirmation that the information has demand and there is an audience for it.

Go niche!

I suggest you avoid big markets like weight loss because there’s too much competition there and it is very hard to get noticed. Instead, focus on smaller segments of that market, like a specific age segment. So for example, how to lose weight becomes how to lose weight for young people.

Your topic can be anything that has a real demand such as how to become a game tester or how to improve your English pronunciation. Although it is useful, you don’t need formal education about the stuff you want to teach. People don’t care about diplomas, they care about results.

2. Teach It Online Using A Membership Website

A membership website allows you to protect your content or services, showing it only to members that pay a one-time or recurring fee. The membership model is great for teaching or training websites because it allows you to be very flexible and dynamic with your learning environment compared to a book. This is great for your members experience and it helps you make more money.

The website model

There are several different types of teaching models but the simplest one is to create a complete step-by-step course a fixed duration and plenty of multimedia content which you would deliver in weekly modules to your members. This coupled with a forum and a nice e-mail support can be the perfect learning environment.

Create video training

Although it doesn’t work with all topics, videos and multimedia content in general, have a high perceived value which is great to use as training material. Use software like Camtasia and Power Point to create high quality instructive videos. Put yourself as talking head on the screen to make it more personal!

Create a forum

This will enhance your members learning experience by leaps, although keep in mind that it can be a lot of work and only do it when you already have some members, otherwise it can look dead and actually damage your membership.

Use content marketing to attract visitors

Content marketing is the act of creating and sharing free content with the goal of converting visitors into buyers (members, in our case). It’s the best technique to use with a teaching website because it creates a natural flow from the free to the paid membership and therefore, it increases conversions!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start to teach!

Peter Almeida is the blogger behind Buzzrain, the Membership Website Builder. Check out his free 48 page e-book on How to Build a Profitable Membership Website to learn more about him and Membership Websites!