How To Make Money Online with AWtomator and Aweber

The money is in the list and easily one of the biggest names in the world of email marketing has to be AWeber. They offer a free trial for you to test the waters and the plans are totally scalable as the size of your mailing list grows over the time. Even so, the core functions of AWeber can feel a little limited for marketers who want a more robust, behavior-based solution.

What if you want to automate your AWeber marketing, sending your customers and subscribers on divergent paths based on their actual behavior? What if you want to move subscribers between lists without having to use a new opt-in form? That’s where AWtomator can step into the picture. Let’s review what it’s all about and how it take your email marketing to a whole new level.

Be More Successful with AWtomator

In AWeber, it is possible to setup a “drip” campaign so that new subscribers are automatically sent a series of emails over a prescribed period of time. This can work wonderfully for your sales funnel and it gives you an opportunity to make plenty of back-end sales. The problem is that all new subscribers effectively go down the same funnel, regardless of what they actually do.


When you take advantage of AWtomator, however, the experience is entirely different. This is because AWtomator tracks the actual behavior of your subscribers, giving you the ability to segment these subscribers and put them down different paths. If someone clicks on a link inside email #2, for example, they can be sent into a different sales funnel than the person who doesn’t click on that link.

Person A has expressed interest in your product, for instance, so you can follow-up with emails suggesting related products that can supplement the first one. Person B has not yet expressed interest in the first product, so you can continue to send them reminder emails of your offer until they do. That’s just one very basic example. AWtomator can get much more in-depth and customized than that.

Events and Dynamic Sales Funnels

The true power of AWtomator rests in its ability to manage an unlimited number of subscribers down an unlimited number of paths based on an unlimited number of events. How complex you make your road map is entirely up to you.


Moving subscribers between these dynamic sales funnels is triggered by what AWtomator refers to as “events.” There are at least five different types of events and they’re all based on the actual behavior of your subscribers.

If a subscribers stops opening your emails, stops clicking on your links, or stops watching your videos, this could trigger a ReEngage Event. You might send this person down a “winback” oriented funnel. After a subscriber reaches a certain point in the sequence, he might activate an Automation Event.

You can even track not only whether a subscriber is watching one of the videos that you have shared, but also how far they got in the video. In a recent AWtomator blog post, Rob Woodgate reminds us that “someone who watches your video all the way through is WAAAAY more interested than someone who watches 30 seconds.”

Given this information, different Video Events can be triggered. The person who watches the entire video might be presented with a premium product, for instance, while the more tentative person who only watched 30 seconds could be presented with a “free trial” offer instead.

Cool New Features

AWtomator is not a static product and new features are being added to it all the time. Most recently, three key features were added that could further bolster your success with email marketing, helping to better engage your subscribers and avoid list burnout.

  • Customizable Event Delays: The delay between the time that an event occurs and when the triggered action takes place can be customized not only by the number of days or weeks, but even as specific as the number of hours or minutes.
  • Advanced “Last Followup” Setting: This prevents the final followup from being sent if it were to take the subscriber back to an earlier part of the sequence. This ensures that subscribers keep moving forward and don’t get pulled into an endless loop.
  • Video Event Priority: New video events can override old ones. If you have triggers set up at 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 90 seconds of viewing, for instance, the 90-second event will override the first two.

Get Notified of Updates

At this time, AWtomator is celebrating its first anniversary and they’re in the middle of preparing for a “relaunch” of the product.


If you want to get to the front of the line to take advantage of these new features as soon as they are available, make sure you sign up for early bird updates. Remember that AWtomator offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and is 100% AWeber compliant.

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