How To Make Money Online with Skype

Well what I have come to realize about making money online or off is regardless of whether it is business to consumer or business-to-business, it is all about establishing relationships and building trust. Obviously attraction marketing has gained considerable speed in the most recent years. So let’s take it one step further and look at, not just making the connection, but building a trust and keeping that trust.

A few months ago, I started using Skype more and more. Yes, I was already using it to talk to my Sister in Spain and My Brother in Chicago and my Grandmother in Michigan, but there was a grander picture that I was slowly piecing together.

One day I had someone approach me (from Facebook) to be a VIP speaker for her “Skype Group”.

Skype Group? This was something new to me. I agreed, and a day later when it was time for the presentation I got on. I spoke to 25 people in this group. They all muted their Skype lines and I spoke. Now I had done Webinars on Go to Meeting before, but never a Skype presentation. It was limited in that it was simply a call. However, then it dawned on me the true power of Skype.

Not only am I able to connect with people that I thought not possible, (Tom Cruise has a Skype account, however I am referring to well established Marketers and Speakers within my Niche- such as Joe Vitale) but I could also find pinpointed groups within my niche via Skype’s search bar and join them. I could also create my own group using my own contact. I invited 50 people to join a group I created and amazingly enough, they all joined.

They were all contacts that I imported from Facebook. I then began adding to that group via Skype’s Group. Eventually I had a group of 350 people. All were on Skype and the entire group was in my control because I was the creator of the group. I could remove spammers or people that I didn’t respond, at will.

I was not able to talk to all of them because you cannot have more than 25 people on a Skype call. I was, on the other hand, able to text and instant messenger all 350 like it was a party line.

This was great because one of the initial benefits was having a group of people willing to syndicate my content and links, which drove my blog ranking and reputation up and up and up. So I could text into my Skype party line “Hey guys here is a new blog post” and all 350 would read it and then put it on their sites and syndicate it. Now, mind you, not all of the 350 would be online and watching what I am texting, but the beauty of Skype is that it works like an Instant Messenger so I would get some pretty good numbers and comments to my blog.

Eventually, and the whole point of the exercise was to get those people that I met on Skype, onto my LIST.

That is what social media is intended for:

Funneling those interested people you find on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SKYPE into your Subscriber List.

That group and many other groups since that I started, allowed me to build up a following on Skype into the thousands, which directly built up my list and eventually made me money.

I continue to make money from Skype because I am also using Skype’s functionality to keep my List and Contacts warm. I do this through actually responding to someone when they have a question or issue. I find the time to answer those calls. I can also let my Skype Contacts know when I am busy or away from my computer, or when I am welcoming incoming calls.

The more accessible you are to them, the more the relationship builds.

Relationship=Business growth.

I also do most of my business partnership connections on Skype…but that is for another discussion.

Guest Blog by Casey Zeman,