How To Make Over $100,000 A Month By Blogging

I made two presentations when I was back in Vancouver. One of them was for the YVR Bloggers meetup. Started by Ricky Shetty of Daddy Blogger, YVR Bloggers is a monthly networking and education event series for Vancouver-based bloggers. They have an active and engaged online and offline community of bloggers. If you’re a blogger based in Vancouver, you should definitely check them out.

The meetup was held at the elegant Modern Art Gallery in Downtown Vancouver. Along with my keynote on six-figure monthly blogging, there were presentations from Ariane Colenbrander, Bob Garlick, and Dr Dionne Lalso-Baker from Deebee’s Organics. We were also treated to the magical voice of 13-year old Anika Venkatesh. It was an awesome evening, and the reviews have been great.

Really great – loved John Chow’s knowledge, Bob Garlick’s presentation was very inspiring and the other speakers – and Anika – were so worth driving in from Abbotsford for. Thanks Ricky (and your team) for all your hard work – and for choosing me to win the grand prize – it is already brightening up my living room.
Wendy J McClelland

John Chow is a hub of information. Thanks for all the Valuable insights.
Reena Venkatesh

Great, my first time attend the meetup. Many useful information!! Thank you for John Chow for his knowledge on how to build up in a blog!1
Vivian Wong

Amazing event. John Chow completely over-delivered with his valuable advice. Couldn’t have asked for more!
Tyler Basu

My presentation was an hour long. I reduced it down to about 50 minutes by editing out the “Dare To Dream” intro video. Your feedback on my presentation is welcome. Please leave it in the comments.