How To Manage All Your WordPress Sites From One Dashboard

If you’re like me, then you own more than one blog. I know bloggers who run dozens of blogs, either their own or as part of a blog network. It can be a real pain managing all those sites and remembering all the logins and site details. Thankfully, there’s a service call ManageWP, that allows you to run all your WordPress sites from one dashboard. Keep reading to find out how you can win a $1,000+ ManageWP Business Account.

Manage All Your WordPress Sites From One Dashboard

With ManageWP, logging into each of your WordPress sites individually is a thing of the past. With their unique one-click login technology, you can quickly access all of your dashboards from one central location. This saves you time, money and a lot of headaches, especially if you run a large number of blogs.

Not only does ManageWP allows you to post to all your blogs, the service will also let you upgrade WordPress, plugins and themes across all of your sites with just the click of a button. Install plugins and themes on multiple sites at once from all of your favorite sources. You also get a suite of SEO solutions, and automatic backups so you’ll never have to worry about losing any of your blogs. Setting up a new blog is a simple push button operation with ManageWP. The service even includes a clone tool to instantly clone any of your existing WordPress sites from one domain, sub-domain, or folder, to another.

With all of your sites under one roof, carrying out bulk operations become easy. Whether you want to post an article to multiple sites, manage your blogroll links, or add users, ManageWP has you covered. Watch the video below to see some of ManageWP’s awesome features.

Help Improve ManageWP and Win a $1000+ Business Account

ManageWP is looking for new features to add to their service. They’re giving away one annual business license for 25 websites to the visitor who suggest the best idea for a new feature. All you have to do is write your idea(s) in the comments below. ManageWP will select a winner next week, and that person will win a one-year ManageWP business license worth over $1,000.

When you look at all the features ManageWP already has, it’s going to be hard to come up with a new one. The best way to get ideas for new features is to try the current service. Luckily, ManageWP does allow you to try them out for free. I’m sure once you start using it, you’ll come up with some great new feature ideas. Good luck and enter now.

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