How To Promote Your Business with Animated Video

In the last several years, we’ve seen the rapid proliferation of high quality video on the Internet. It’s not that online video is new; it’s that the expected quality is that much higher. Holding up a shaky cellphone might not be enough anymore.

You may have also noticed that some of the most popular videos on YouTube aren’t shot with a camera at all. These animated videos aren’t just for children, as they do a fantastic job of explaining complex concepts in a fun and entertaining way. What if you want to make one of these and you don’t know where to start? In this review of, we take a look at how this online service delivers the explainer and promotional videos you desire.

The Power of Motion

Animated videos can take on several different forms and you’ve likely encountered more than a few of these during your journeys through the Internet. Whiteboard videos can be great for a corporate context, whereas a “cartoon” with fictional characters might be great for branding and promotion. If you’ve got a product or service, animated videos are terrific for tutorials too.


With a team of over 150 in-house professionals brining their multifaceted expertise to the table, is able to “create all types of animated videos that help any business, from start-ups to MNCs, reach out to their target audience.” Because of this large team, they are able to adapt to the animation styles preferred by each individual client.

In the context of Internet marketing, you can see just how useful a professional video can be. Have a product launch coming up? A promotional video can really get people interested. Have an online service that addresses a particular need in the marketplace? An explainer video can outline the problem and how your service solves it.

A Complete Creative Process

It’s important to note that goes far beyond just the simple animation of what you have already laid out. They offer a complete production process that can walk you through every step of the way, from concept development through to final delivery.


Perhaps you already have a creative vision in mind. Maybe you already have a roughed out script. That’s great. But even if you’re starting from scratch and you’re not sure where to start, the team at can help you with conceptualization, scripting and storyboarding, graphics, voiceovers, and everything else.

Each project is assigned a professional account manager who is available to you through email, phone, Skype or any other communication channel you prefer. What’s more, you are provided with daily updates on the progress of your project, so you know exactly how far long they are and if there’s any further input you need to provide.

The Shine and Polish of Professionalism

The best way to understand what is able to deliver is to take a look at the company’s growing portfolio of videos. This also gives you a really good sense of just how varied the style can be, from a light-hearted whiteboard to a video tackling a more serious subject.


The portfolio page is not just a series of static images. Each of the thumbnails are fully playable videos that have been uploaded to their YouTube channel. Here’s a good example that illustrates several of the features and elements your video project can have.

There’s a professional voiceover from an actor whose voice fits the subject. There’s background music. There are animated people, pop-up text, and more. It really is a complete package. And if you need your video in a hurry, they are able to fast track your urgent project with a special task force.

How Much Does an Animated Video Cost?

Due to the nature of creative work like this, does not have set project pricing. You wouldn’t expect a small independent film to have the same budget as a Hollywood mega-blockbuster and the same can be said about the animated video project you might have in mind.


To get a price, you simply need to fill out a short form to request a customized quote. It asks for a general idea about your project, how long you expect the final video to be, and whether or not you need a script or a voiceover. These all factor in to the cost of your project.

Offering lifetime storage of your project files, a 100% money back guarantee, and prompt support even after your project has been delivered, is a powerful resource for any business in search of creating unique, professional-looking animated videos.

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