How To Rank #1 in Google with The SEO Link Monster

I’d predicted that in 2012 someone would actually do this and here it is. Somebody finally created a system that’s almost “push button” and gets you to the top of Google’s search rankings.

Here’s The Concept

  1. It takes links, and lots of them, to rank highly in Google.
  2. It takes “real” links, and not spammy bookmark links, forum profile links, etc. to rank highly these days in Google.
  3. Getting “real” links is hard… That is, unless you own all of the websites the links are placed on.
  4. Owning 1000s of Page Rank 1 and above, websites is also hard. And expensive to maintain.
  5. Getting the links on those sites, if you owned them, is… well, you guessed it. HARD!

Now enter SEO smart guys Brad & Matt Callen, along with Dori Friend. They’ve developed a system where they own all of the websites. They buy and add more websites daily. They cover all the costs of running the websites, and all you have to do is add your links to the system. The system then takes care of putting our links on all of these sites in guaranteed amounts each month.

Backlinks are the currency of the Google and the SEO Link Monster helps you get links on 1000’s of PR1 and higher sites. More links mean a higher search ranking for your keywords, and that means more traffic and money to you. The numbers of links the Link Monster deliver to you each month are very predictable, and unlike what many “automated” software programs, this is truly is automated.

The SEO Link Monster is opened for membership for a very limited time. Go and watch the video to get the full detail.