How To Start Your Online Business with No Money

We all have the dream – to start making money online! After all, that’s why you’re reading this blog right?

The most common problem holding people back is that they don’t know how or where to start. Unfortunately most of the strategies require spending money to make money, or investing a lot of time upfront and waiting months to see results. These are huge deterrents that hold people back from realizing their dreams of making money online. Today that’s going to change.

There is a way you can start earning money today without spending a penny.

I started working online full-time 2 months ago, I made $500 in my first month, and I am on track to make over $1,000 in my second month. I had no existing contacts, no website and I didn’t have to spend a single dollar to get started.

So, what did I do to start making money so quickly without spending any money?

Make Money Offering Webmaster Services

I started making money from my first days working online by simply offering services other webmasters. Instead of spending hours reading forums and blogs, I spend hours working for other people. I have no special skills, I simply have time that I am trading for money. And you can do it too.

Read the marketplace sections of the major webmaster forums and you will see and endless number of ideas of services you can offer, a majority of them not requiring any special tools nor skills to get started.

The money is not great, but doing this provides me with immediate cash flow that I can use to invest into my own websites and grow my business. With the money I have earned I have already developed 20 niche websites, which in turn have started generating their own income. I will keep investing and building my own sites until the generate sufficient income that will allow me to stop offering services to others and focus 100% of my time and energy on developing my own properties.

Do you see it? I can build my entire online business without spending a single dollar to get started!

Don’t rush off just yet to go start offering your own service, let me share with you a few tips to ensure your success.

The secret – Quality!

Ground breaking isn’t it? Well as obvious as it may seem, if you take a look at the major webmaster marketplaces, quality is not a word I would use to describe a majority of the services being offered. It’s the nature of the industry and there will always be a short supply of cheap quality service providers.

Why? Because the good ones stand out and quickly run out of availability as webmasters fill up their time with orders. These service providers must choose to either keep their prices cheap, and never have availability (making room for you!), OR they raise their prices taking them out of the “cheap” service provider category (making room for you!). Either way, there is always room for new quality service providers on the webmaster forums.

Offering quality is the easiest way for you to break into and succeed in the service provider marketplace. Before starting my own service I read over 100 sales threads of various service providers (both for ideas and to see what other service providers were missing that I could offer). The common trend I noticed across the majority of sales threads was that they fail to offer the service they promise, they have terrible customer service, or worse, they disappear with client’s money.

If you can simply do a good job offering a quality service you have an opportunity to stand out from your competition!

What if I don’t have any special skills?

If you are still doubting that you can do this – just take a look at the marketplace sections on all the major webmaster forums. You will see a majority of the services are not complicated and can be performed by almost anyone with a computer and an internet connection. After two quick minutes of browsing here are some ideas to start you off:

  • Content writers (simlple articles, re-writes, reviews, spinning. etc.)
  • Link builders (web2.0 properties, link directories, article directories, social bookmarking, etc.)
  • Website setup (WordPress installation, theme and plugin installations, etc.)
  • Account creation (too many to list!)
  • Designs (sites, landing pages and banners)
  • Programming (sites, scripts, apps, etc.)

Most of the above jobs don’t require any special knowledge (except design and programming), rather only require your time. Find something that you can do, put a twist on it, combine it with other services and deliver a quality service that provides a solution to webmasters problems. You do this and you will start seeing Paypal payments to your account today.

Tips for starting your first service provider business

I have only been providing services full-time for the past 2 months, but the quick success I have found was based on these basic principals:

  • Practice the service first! Contact senior forum members and explain to them that you would like to offer them a free review of your new service, in return for their feedback. This will allow you to practice your service AND start your sales thread with some social proof when seniors members leave you a glowing review.
  • Put some effort into your sales thread! Nothing is a bigger turn-off than seeing grammatical and spelling errors in the sales pitch for a content writer! If you can’t put effort into your own business, why would other webmasters trust you with theirs?
  • Offer quality customer service! As I said above, just doing this will help stand out from the crowd.
  • Be accessible and respond to customer questions quickly. When webmasters are looking for cheap service providers, they will often send out multiple PM’s asking for more information. If you aren’t the first to respond, you may lose the sale!
  • Don’t take on more work then you can handle. If you do run into time troubles, make sure to let your clients know.
  • Under promise and over deliver!

The Benefits

Besides making money right away, you also get some other valuable benefits by offering webmaster services:

“Free” financing for your business – It’s not really “free” money (as you have to trade your time for it), but this is a great option for people who do not have capital saved up, are not eligible for loans, or simply those whom are risk adverse and want to start their business without investing any capital. I have been able to take funds from my service offerings and re-invest them into my business to start 20 of my own money making sites. Next month I plan to add another 30!

Network of contacts – I have developed a strong relationship with every client contact I have made so far. It can be difficult to develop relationships when working online, and this is a perfect opportunity for me to grow my network of contacts. Oh, and I’m getting paid to do it!

Getting paid to learn – Everyone here knows that you learn the most when you take action. Well I’m taking action, learning AND getting paid for it! I am seeing lots of different niches, different monetization strategies and SEO strategies from other webmasters through my service offering that I can use on my own sites. This is information I should be paying for, but instead clients are paying me to learn!

I haven’t written anything revolutionary here, but the concept of working your way into the industry is an option often overlooked when trying to break into the world of making money online.

This blog post was written by an ExSuit who recently quit his corporate job to start working online full-time. If you are interested in following his progress and seeing his business plan unfold, check out He posts daily blog updates of his actions, his income and strategies like this that will help him grow a successful online business.