How To Tap Into Email Marketing To Grow Your Income

“The money is not in the list!”

If you think you can make money just by adding people to your email list, you’re making a great mistake.

However, the rapport you establish with subscribers is going to determine what you get from them. If you earn their trust to a reasonable extent, they’d buy when you ask them to.

When I started blogging in 2011, I thought list building was for everyone. But I was wrong. Not everyone is ready to put in the work – because relationship building is borne out of WHO YOU ARE, not what YOU DO!

If bloggers can spend adequate time learning the arts of email marketing, they can easily boost their income and brand.

What you must know


Before you can make money with your list, you need to understand the people you’re dealing with. These subscribers aren’t robots. They’re not scavengers, looking through discarded food scraps. On the contrary, they’re human beings with blood flowing through their veins and they crave for your love.

Every person who would ever subscribe to your list is dying to be loved. Whether you accept it or not, you MUST care for people and gradually build up the momentum to ask for their hard earned money.

If you’re yet to start building your list, don’t just dabble into it – because you’ve read from several so-called experts that it’s the best asset since the internet was invented. Well, I’m changing that right now!

I want to remind you that real people want to communicate with a real marketer, not some so-called leech who doesn’t care about their well-being one bit. I’m I talking to someone today?

The challenge: This year, make a personal decision to relate, communicate, share and add value to someone’s life via the inbox. That’s the best way to increase conversion rate when you eventually recommend any product (affiliate offer or your own product).

Get started with your email list

Having said that, there is no better time to start collecting leads and establishing the relationship for your business. It doesn’t matter what opinions you’ve about emailing people and asking them to buy, every businessperson needs a database.

The truth of the matter is that subscribers aren’t bothered that you’re a marketer, who wants to earn a living. In fact, they’re willing to support you if you prove yourself.

To strengthen the foundation of your business, you need a database of qualified customers. And the cost of driving targeted traffic to a blog is expensive.

You can’t afford to waste your visitors. By every legit and creative means, encourage people to join your list.

Start by having a professional blog design. Because no one in his or her right mind can subscribe to your email list if you look like a beginner.

You’ve got to understand the secret behind John Chow’s email list. People see him as an expert when it comes to making money with a blog. That’s why I joined to learn more from him – you also opted in because of that, whether you knew from the onset or just stumbled on his blog via search.

Blog design is paramount to growing your list. Thank God for good wordpress designers out. If you look around, you can get a custom blog design for $350 or less. It all depends on the platform you’re using.

On the internet, people actually judge a book by its cover. If your blog is quirky and comes with one of those themes that everyone and their dog uses how are you going to persuade your ideal customer to walk miles with you?

In case you didn’t know, get this: when someone opts in to receive your email messages, they’ve made a DEEP COMMITMENT. Don’t take it for granted.

Establish a positive “first impression”

Did you know that the success of any email list lies in the first impression the owner creates? You may think you need years to convince someone that you truly appreciate and want to support in your own special way? But that’s not true, especially in email marketing.

Look at the Presidents (former and current) and all those Political leaders. They’ve one thing in common – they ability to convey their message quickly without giving room for doubts in electors’ mind. They establish a positive first impression and ride from there. You should do the same thing.

That’s how to ensure success in your email marketing career. The first email a subscriber gets from you MUST address a few issues. We call this the “Welcome Email.”

Don’t even make the mistake of sending an affiliate link and asking people to click and buy. It’s ironic and would result in people unsubscribing rapidly.

And don’t rejoice when they don’t unsubscribe, because from that day onward, your follow up emails would be trashed.

The reason most people will not opt out of your list is because they’re busy (really busy) or they’re using your subject lines as a swipe for writing their own email letters and blog posts. Oops!

These are few points I’ve on my Welcome Email:

  • You’re awesome for joining 2500+ content marketers.
  • You’ll get my first-hand marketing tips every Tuesday (I’ve never shared this before).
  • I’ll reveal how I made $1730.22 in 4 Days with an affiliate offer (you’ll love this).
  • You subscribed to my list because you were inspired to learn more about my success – but this happened because I automate a lot (Get ready to learn marketing automation).
  • I’ve a new valuable e-book. Would you like to download it at no cost? Click here.
  • And so much more…

Did you see my Welcome Message? Now, there is no way a subscriber can unsubscribe and lose all those benefits. Because I’ve a lot in store already for them. That’s the secret to establishing a positive first impression. The foundation is everything. Get it right and smile or ***

More so, I’m giving away so much value already. In Psychology, potential customers would stay glued and agree with whatever you say, providing that it can help them. In other words, there MUST be “What’s In It For Me” plainly written.

Email marketing hack

Out of desperation, email marketers have made mistakes and dashed their hard-to-build list. Building trust with email subscribers is for the matured minds.

It has so much to do with being creative and objective. As I said earlier, WHO YOU ARE is more important that what you do. Let people feel your heartbeat. Put yourself in their shoes (does it stink)?

If you truly care, show it and stop talking. There is so much money to be made when you earn that trust, but if you’re not a lovable person in real life, it’d be VERY difficult to fake it online; on the inbox.

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