How To Use a Tracking Service To Update Affiliate Links

In addition to the blog and email list, tracking is the third must-have component to a successful Internet business. If you don’t know where your leads are coming from, and how much it’s costing you to acquire them, then you’re really just flying blind. This is where tracking comes in.

A tracking service is also a must-have because you will need to update your affiliate links from time to time. This is especially true when a network like MOBE switches to a new system. When that happens, all the old affiliate links no longer work, and you’ll have to update them to the new link. However, if you’re using a tracking service like, you can update links with a few clicks of the mouse. This video explains the step-by-step.

[youtube id=”pY0vWKPlFB8″ align=”center” mode=”normal”]

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