How to Write an Article for Internet Marketing

Article marketing is primarily used to promote products and services on the internet, with the sole purpose of attracting traffic to a website. The medium used for promotion is predominantly article directories. The focus is often on directories with high PageRank and considered authoritative by search engines, and can therefore attract large numbers of visitors. Irrespective of how many directories an article is submitted to, and the popularity of those directories, if the article is poorly written, it will not attract many visitors. I shall now list a few helpful tips on writing articles.

General Guidelines

Considering the fact that the internet contains a vast amount of information, and that the attention span of the average reader is short, you have but a brief moment to hold their attention, otherwise they will move on to the next article. Therefore, it helps to:

  • Keep the size of the article between 400 and 800 words.
  • Keep the article tightly woven and interesting.
  • Make the key points and facts easily identifiable.

In order to write effective articles, it is imperative that you have a good understanding of the subject you’re writing about. I do not imply that you need to be an expert in the subject. You need to do some research and put together materials which you consider to be relevant to your article. With that in mind, the following are what I consider to be the important components of a good article for marketing.

The Title

For it to be marketable, you need to choose a title for your article that is eye catching, that it portrays what the article is about, and perhaps most importantly, it should contain your main key phrase. For example, if your article is about search engines, and your key phrase is “search engine results”, then your title might be “How to Generate High Search Engine Results.”

Pay Attention to Grammar

An article that is poorly written, littered with spelling errors, has poor grammar and punctuation is unlikely to attract many readers. It simply puts off the reader, and it gives a negative impression of the writer. Google, amongst other search engines, takes into consideration not just the content of the article, but grammar and punctuation also.
Utilise Bullet Points and Paragraphs

Use bullets to emphasize the message you’re trying put across. It makes the information easier to understand, digest and remember. It helps your readers to quickly identify the main points and key facts. Remember to keep the bullets short – they are supposed to be summaries. Use paragraphs to break up the article, and try to limit the lengths to a few lines.

Include a Summary

Many search engines and article directories crawl article summaries to find relevant documents. So ensure that you include your key phrase in the summary. Always keep in mind that the ideal article for marketing is one that contains a key phrase in its URL, title and summary – it vastly increases the chances of the search engines finding and listing it high in search results. I recommend that you write a brief summary that gives readers a flavour of what the article is about without revealing too much, but it should contain enough information to get them curious and interested enough to continue reading.

Write a Short Bio

The essence of writing an article is to pre-sell a product or service by creating awareness and generating traffic. As a consequence, it is imperative to create an element of trust in yourself. One way to achieve that is to write a brief biography (or resource box), telling prospective clients about yourself and where they can get further information. Amongst the information you could include in the bio are a link to your website and an email address.

Where to Submit Articles

Articles for marketing can be submitted to the following directories and websites:

  • EzineArticles
  • Articlebase
  • ArticleCity
  • ArticleAlley
  • Article Plaza
  • ArticleSnatch
  • Wikihow
  • Search Articles
  • Biznopedia
  • AnyArticles

When submitting articles, be mindful that search engines make every effort to prevent article duplication. Some marketers attempt to circumvent that by adopting article spinning. I advise against that because excessive use of spinning could result in the search engines banning your site.

Well, I hope you have find these guidelines on article for marketing beneficial.

Wishing you every success!

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