How You Can Use A Meme To Make Money Online

What Is A Meme?

A meme is basically a unit of information that spreads virally among people and cultures. In the context of blogging, a meme is usually a list of questions, that gets passed along among bloggers.

A good meme consists of five parts (reference: Gotta Get Goals).

  1. An introduction to what the meme is about.
  2. A themed picture that people can take back to their blog to brand the meme.
  3. The rules for participating in the meme.
  4. The blogger completing the meme for himself.
  5. The part at the bottom where the author tags other bloggers to participate.

Making Money Online With A Meme

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an excellent way to get noticed by google (and lesser search engines). It bridges the gap between people looking for something, and the something being looked for.

Memes play an important role in the SEO game. By obtaining backlinks, you increase page rank, and even rank yourself for a choice keyword if you properly execute the anchor text request.

In the month of May, John Chow dot Com received 4,747 visitors from the keywords “Make Money Online” alone. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this converts into more loyal readers, which in John’s case seems to always convert into lots of money!

Aside from SEO, a huge benefit of a meme is that you have another blogger write about you. To his readers this means that he approves of your website, and it is very possible that his readers become your readers.

Essentially what a meme does is give you free exposure. This is because a meme is viral; the best form of advertising. Having your website monetized and sticky is the next crucial step to making money online from a meme.

This post is guest written by the King Of MeMes – Alex Shalman – he writes about wealth and abundance at Alex Shalman dot Com.