“I Won’t Try Anything That Costs Me Money.”

I recently sent out an email to my list about the Mobe Inner Circle (MIC). Right now, we’re offering a 7 day trial for $9.95. You get to try it for a full week, and if it’s not everything you hope, simply cancel it and you’ll get your money back. Pretty much a can’t lose deal, right? Well, I got the following reply from a reader named MP:

I won’t try anything that costs me money.

I replied back with, “Then good luck making any money.” However, I want to use this post to show why this type of attitude will never lead you to success, and if you have the same attitude as MP, you need to change it or your make money online career will be over real quick.

Nothing Is Really Free

Let’s not kid ourselves. We all know that nothing is truly free in this world. There is always a cost involved. If it’s not money then it’s normally your time. The problem is, most people don’t value their time very much. They think their time is worth nothing, therefore other people’s time are worth nothing as well.

I know this because I get a ton of emails everyday asking me to spend time with them for free, and they get upset when I tell them to go read my free eBook first. What they are really looking for is not help. What they’re looking for is someone to do everything for them and do it for free, like this email from Tula.

I need to make money can you set me up with a blog which is already made with affiliates products!!!

Then there are the readers who offer to sweeten the deal, like Kyle B of Penn State University.

i know you make a ton of money with affiliate programs so i would ask if you could start out one for me and then when i get like some money for my college and maybe a new car i will turn the account over to you so you can have the account and you can get some extra money out of it so if you set me up an account i promise i will then turn it over to you when i make a certain amount thanks

What an amazing offer! I’ll set up the site for him, he gets all the money, and once he thinks he’s made enough, he’ll turn it over to me! How can I refuse an offer like that? I can tell that Kyle will make a great future politician.

All this is really my own fault because I do give away a lot of my stuff for free. Unfortunately, free isn’t what some people are looking for. They want it all done for them and don’t want to pay for it.

Here’s something to keep in mind: If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer. You’re the product being sold. Just ask Facebook.

Opportunity Cost of Pursuing Free

It is possible to learn how to create a successful blog for free by downloading my free eBook and reading through all the posts on this blog. You’ll just have to spend a few weeks reading through 5,000+ posts and then try to arrange them into some kind of logical order. You can do this, or you can pay me $37 and have it all presented to you.

You need to place a value on your time. Don’t you think it’s worth $37 to save a couple of week, or months, of searching on the Internet for free information? I hired Unique Blog Designs to design my blog instead of learning how to design myself. Their theme packages start at $7,500. To me, that was a bargain because it would have taken months to learn how to do what they do, and a month of my time is worth far more than $7,500.

Your time is worth money. You need to place a value on it. Once you do, you may find it’s cheaper to spend $1,000 on pay per click advertising instead of spending 20 hours a week learning to SEO your site to get “free” traffic.

You Will End Up Trying Nothing

If you won’t try anything that cost you money, then chances are, you will end up trying nothing. You won’t take any classes, you won’t go to college, you won’t apply for a loan since there are fees, you won’t do anything.

You won’t even do a “try before you buy” offer because they require you to do a good faith action like a entering a credit card number that won’t be charged, or asking for $9.95 that will be returned to you if you cancel. And you wonder why you’re stil broke.

You Can Pay Me Now, Or Pay Me Later

Fram, the oil filter maker, is known for its famous marketing slogan, “You can pay me now, or pay me later”, which is used in its advertising by an auto mechanic, who is explaining to his customer that he can either pay a small sum now for the replacement of oil and filter or a far larger sum later for the replacement of the vehicle’s engine.

This quote also applies to life. You can pay a small sum now, or you can pay big time later. The big time being what could had been had you not had that loser atitude of “I won’t try anything that cost me money.”