If Google Made a Yahoo-like Start Page

Steve Bryant over at Google Watch did a mock-up on how he thinks the Google home page would look if it was designed by Yahoo. How did he came up with this idea?

A few weeks ago, when Jeremy Zawodny discovered that Google had ripped off a Yahoo page design, I thought it’d be fun to create a Google start page that looked like Yahoo’s. So here it is, just a little fun what-if comp. I’m no designer, so don’t yell at me for substituting the wrong fonts and getting the kerning wrong, and blah blah blah.

And yeah, I know Google would never design something like this. But at the least, it gives you an idea of how Google really is a “portal,” and how well all its apps fit together into a more work-oriented Yahoo start page.

Click for full size image

I have to admit, that doesn’t look half bad. However, the chances of Google going away from their simple search start page is pretty slim, or none.

Source: TechCrunch