Important People Don’t Drive, They Get Driven


In America, we love to drive our cars. This is especially true in a car crazy state like California. However, things are a little different in Asia. Here, important people don’t drive, they get driven. And the ultimate executive VIP vehicle to get driven around in is a minivan!

While the minivan brings up images of the soccer mom in America, in an Asian country like Malaysia, the minivan represents power and prestige. It is seen as the ultimate in executive VIP transportation.

We got to experience this executive VIP lifestyle in Kuala Lumpur thanks to Sally’s schoolmate. His uncle is the CEO of some big Malaysian tech firm, and he graciously loan us his Toyota Vellfire and driver to take us around the city.

While the Vellfire looks like a minivan on the outside, it’s all business on the inside. The seats have recliners, leg rests and flip down footstools!


At first, I thought the idea of being driven around was stupid. After all, I love to drive. However, after seeing the really bad parking situation in Kuala Lumpur, I quickly changed my mind. It was great to have the driver dropped us off at our location, and then have him pick us up when we were ready to leave. To handle all the tolls roads in KL, The Vellfire has a built-in electronic toll collection unit that allows for quick tollgate pass-through.

The Vellfire proved to be a fantastic executive limo, and I would so buy one if it was available in America. However, finding someone willing to drive me around in a minivan in the United States is about the same chance as seeing the Vellfire on US soil. Unless the image of the minivan in the North America takes a drastic change, the executive minivan will remain overseas.





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