Infographic Design Team Visualizes Your Custom Success

They’re not exactly a new phenomenon, but infographics have certainly skyrocketed in popularity these last few years. Maybe it has to do with the continuing rise of social media or our need to digest large amounts of information in as pleasing a manner as possible. What if you want to take advantage of this phenomenon, but you have no idea how to design an infographic?

That’s why you may be interested in hiring Infographic Design Team to do the job for you. They “design world class infographics and data visualizations,” providing you with custom infographics that can then be posted on your site and shared online. Let’s get down to the review and see what they’re all about.

Visualizing Complex Sets of Data

Most people don’t want to muddle their way through an Excel spreadsheet to understand a complex relationship or to digest a complex set of data. Infographics ease that process, creating a graphical representation of the data in away that is “visually stimulating.”

While you could certainly hire a single freelancer to concoct an appropriate infographic for you, one of the advantages to use Infographic Design Team is that they have over 100 creative designers and data analysts. This way, you can try out a few different creative visions before selecting the design that you like.

Infographics are easy to share, they’re a great way to improve your brand recognition, and they may a large amount of information easy to disseminate and digest. People like to share things that are visually appealing and useful; infographics are both.

Sample Infographics

As I said in my review of the Logo Design Team, the best way that you can understand what a company has to offer you is to look at their past work. Thankfully, there is an extensive design portfolio on the Infographic Design Team site for you to browse through.

Here are three distinctly different examples, each with a different look but still the same recognizable “infographic” style that you’ve come to expect. Several key graphics are included along with the text and, under certain circumstances, “visualized” charts are also used to make the information easier to read.

Some infographics are simpler in design, like the list format used for the top 10 mobile apps graphic, but it’s clear that a great deal of care is taken with background details and the use of approachable visuals.

How Does It Work?

The design process is reasonably straightforward. You provide all the instructions that you want to provide, like the artistic style and the kind of stats you’d like to include, and then the Infographic Design Team gets down to work.

You’ll get your original design concepts in three to five days, giving some time to decide which look and feel is the best. You provide feedback as need, including the colors, fonts, graphics, layouts, and so on. The team gets back to work and you receive your finalized design. This is deliverable in different formats, depending on your package, but they all provide you with the full copyright.

How Much Does It Cost?

Infographic Design Team offers four packages, in addition to the option for a custom plan if none of the provided plans suit your particular needs.

The cheapest is the $399 “budget” plan. With this plan, you only get a single designer working on a single initial custom concept, though no clipart is used. You will be provided with a web ready file. You need to step up to the $699 “best seller” plan to get the original source file, as well as access to two design concepts to choose from from two different designers.

The $1499 “IGDT Special” premium plan is at the top of the heap, but you are provided with seven concepts from seven graphic designers, including unlimited revisions and every format available. This includes hosting of the HTML version, a mobile version, and lifetime file storage.

No, this isn’t exactly inexpensive, but you also have to realize how much work has to go into the creation of an infographic. The good news is that if things don’t work out, there is a 100% money back guarantee.