Infolinks and YouSayToo Partnership Announced now offers its blogging community an option to enable Infolinks In-Text Advertising

Monetizing platform and blogger community, YouSayToo, is joining forces with Infolinks In-Text Ads Network, to offer its 37,000 members the option to add another layer of monetization to their sites. Infolinks monetizes the highest paying keywords within websites’ content via its patented algorithm which conducts a real-time, full text analysis, ensuring that ads are relevant to the content being ingested by readers.

“Add Your Blog”, YouSayToo’s core component, allows publishers to centralize their entire blog network regardless of the platform (e.g. Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and more.) By consolidating the network, bloggers can multiply their online following. “YouSayToo’s capability of elevating a blog’s exposure while also generating revenue, make it extremely attractive for bloggers,” said Infolinks Director of Business Development Oren Cohen. “Soon all of YouSayToo’s registered members will be able to effortlessly turn on Infolinks and watch their revenues increase immediately.”

Infolinks’ newest monetizing add-ons such as Related Tags, Tag Cloud and their latest addition – Search Widget, will also be available to YouSayToo’s community of bloggers. Infolinks monetization tools add revenue-generating diversity to keyword and search-based monetization while maintaining contextual relevance and not disrupting the readers’ experience.

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