Interspire Website Publisher (with Coupon Code)

Wow, these guys know how to keep busy. It was only a few days ago that I told you about the Interspire Shopping Cart and now they’ve ordered another review for another software package.

Today, we cast the spotlight on Interspire Website Publisher, a complete content management system that is supposed to be superior in a number of ways over the competition. Better still, it’s been designed so that even “non-technical users” can “create and maintain fully functional websites.”

It’s not like the Interspire Website Publisher is completely new either, because this is apparently the fifth major release of the online software package. They’ve improved on it in just about every way and they’re more excited than ever to help you build your website. Let’s see what it’s got.

The Robust Yet Intuitive CMS for Everyone?


A lot of us have come to rely on WordPress for our CMS needs, but the free platform may prove inadequate for certain users with certain needs. Those who need a simple yet robust content management system may find that WordPress lacks in the support department or that it may lack in certain functionality. That’s where a paid solution like Interspire’s comes into play.

Checking out the feature set, you’ll discover a series of included templates, for example, so you won’t need to buy a custom theme. Other highlights include SEO customization, custom content types, content expiry options, one click lead capture forms, users in multiple groups, logo editor, podcasting support, and a completely modular architecture.

Whether you’re building a company website, developing an online newspaper, or promoting a podcast, it appears that Interspire Website Publisher will be able to handle your needs.


Just as with the Shopping Cart I reviewed a few days ago, the Interspire Website Publisher has a feature video that describes some of its key components. You can also try the online demo for a more hands-on approach.

A Glance at the Dashboard

One of the provided reasons as to why you may choose Interspire as your content management software provider is that they have “the easiest to use content management software in the world.” For blogging veterans, WordPress may seem reasonably easy to use, but the Interspire solution is supposed to be even easier. It’s all menu-based with a lot of dragging and dropping. That includes the actual design and layout as well.


The Interspire Website Publisher dashboard looks a lot like other Interspire products, taking on the same general appearance. You can see a few more shots of the dashboard on this page. Each tab tackles one aspect of running a website, like generating content, managing comments, and handling categories. There is also a handy image manager.

What Does an Interspire-Generated Site Look Like?

Building a new website using the Interspire Website Publisher is done through a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop style interface. You can use the provided templates as a launching point or you can import an existing design.

Awesome Cuisine is one of Interspire’s satisfied customers and you can see a shot of their website below.


Other good examples include Caribbean Bug and Red Tag Vacations. These sites have all decided to go with the private label approach and Interspire has no problem with you removing the “powered by” link in their designs.

Get 20% Off with Coupon Code

Just as with Interspire’s other professional software, the pricing for Website Publisher is not for the feint of heart. Even so, Interspire has done a good job with creating a system that “just works” while providing enough features to manage a fairly advanced website.

The regular prices for the Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition are $395 and $695, respectively. Based on this comparison chart, the main difference is just the number of admin user accounts.

Regardless of which version you choose, Interspire Website Publisher 5.0 can be had for 20% off if you use this coupon code: MXXHC93876KAFXU. Special savings for John Chow dot Com readers!