Is LinksManagement the Best Text Link Broker?

The single best way to get higher rankings in Google and other search engines is to get as many of the right backlinks on the right webpages as possible. Those links hold a lot of power, but it can be increasingly difficult to build up the links organically.

Because of this, there are several services available on the Internet where you can buy these links. One such example is LinksManagement, which is the subject of today’s review. It certainly isn’t the only network out there that offers text link ads, but LinksManagement claims that it has several advantages over its competition.

Contextual Links with PageRank

In the simplest terms, LinksManagement has a network of thousands of webpages from PR4 to PR8. These are webpages with PageRank and not just websites, so you should be able to get a better representation of the kind of “link juice” that you are getting.

The current inventory contains over 150,000 websites. Not all of them have PR4+, to be sure, but you able to sift through the available ad placements to find the pages that do have higher PageRank. These are usually priced higher than those with lower PageRank, of course. There is a natural concern about being punished by Google for buying links, but LinksManagement says that these links “look natural to Google and stay alive for as long as you wish.”

The latter part of that sentence is important, because the links that you buy are not permanent. Instead, you pay on a monthly basis to maintain each link. When you stop paying, the link is effectively taken down.

Advantages Over Competitors

There are many other networks that offer text ads, but LinksManagement has several features that set it apart. In fact, they have a whole page dedicated to what makes them different. For example, 90% to 100% of the links are placed manually–sometimes within page content–making them look more natural to Google. Other link brokers place links automatically, which raises flags with Google.

Another useful advantage is that you are able to preview the link placements before actually following through with the purchase. This way, you can see the exact webpage where your link is going to be inserted.

What about the price? The price for the text link depends on a number of factors, like the PR and the number of links on the page. Whereas you may continue to pay a higher price even after a page loses some PR with other networks, LinksManagement has an automatica link checking algorithm and an automaticic price changing algorithm, adjusting the price based on the current PR. If it goes down, so does the price you pay. On the flip side, if the webpage gains PR, your price also goes up.

Filtering the Inventory

Signing up for a new account with LinksManagement is instant; all you have to do is verify your e-mail address. From there, you can set up several “projects” for each of your websites, focusing on certain keywords and categories.

When going through the list of available ad placements, you have several filters that you can apply. You can limit the Google PageRank range, for example, as well as the price that you are willing pay per month. Since some sites offer multiple pages for text link ads, you can also click the checkbox to only show “unique offers per PageRank” for any single domain.

The Bottom Line

Buying text links carries an inherent risk, but because of the way that LinksManagement operates, they say that it is virtually undetectable by Google. If you look at the testimonials, you’ll see that they are overwhelmingly positive and you can even earn some residual income by way of the affiliate program. Seeing the “passed PR weight” is particularly useful, because not all links on pages with the same PR carry the same weight. The automatically adjusting price is helpful too. If you’re in the market for buying text links, LinksManagement is a network worth considering.