Is There A Bulls Eye On Me Or Something?

Targeted By a SEO Hacker

While checking my referrals I came across some posts and stories that claimed my blog, and bunch of other SEO blogs, are being targeted by a SEO Hacker.

The hacker had a blog on WordPress (now suspended) with a hit list of blogs he was going to break into. This is what he posted about me. – Dude wtf?! You came out of the blur and now your blog is everywhere.

There are people who are jealous of other people’s success. They can’t succeed themselves so they try to take down someone else. Wolf Howl was the first blog to get hit and the hacker went on to hack a few other blogs before WordPress release their 2.0.7 upgrade to stop him.

Trying To Get Me Banned From Google

A couple of days ago, someone tried to get me banned from Google by clicking on my AdSense ads a few thousand times. Yes! A few thousand times! Whoever it was did it for two days in a roll. I had no idea how many hours this must have taken and normally, it would work at getting a normal AdSense publisher banned. Luckily, I’m no normal AdSense publisher.

The only thing this hater accomplished was to make his index finger sore. Google filtered out all the fake clicks and I am still an AdSense publisher. I’ve been with AdSense since Google started the program. I have a personal sales rep I can call on for situations like this. This isn’t Digg. You’ll have to be a lot more creative than clicking on thousands of Google ads to get me banned.

Stuff like these doesn’t deter me. It just makes me drive even harder.