IZEA Fest 2008 – Shoemoney Keynote

Shoemoney opened IZEA Fest 2008 with an inspiring keynote on his blogging and Internet career. He took us on a journey from his early days, when he weigh over 400lbs to today, where he runs a multimillion dollar media company.

Some of Shoe’s key points for Internet success include having good work ethic, making progress every day, prioritizing goals, doing what others are not willing to do, not making excuses and never settling. These are good rules to live by no matter what field you’re in. Also, it really helps to have a supportive wife.

The entire theme of Shoe’s keynote is never settle. He could have rested on his butts from his success with NextPimp.com. The site had over 70,000 paying members and made over $5 million in 2006. Instead, he started AuctionAds in 2007 and built it to $2 million per month in revenue in four months. He could have stop there as well. However, Shoe never settles and neither should you. Shoe summed up his keynote with this slide. I think it speaks for itself.

You can check out my IZEA Fest photos at my photo gallery. I will be adding more photos as I take them. For those who can’t make it to Orlando, IZEA Fest is being streamed live on Ustream at channel izeafest. My session is at 1:00PM EST. See you there!