John Rampton’s Money Couch Theory

Last night I had the privilege of staying the night over at the house of one of my really good friends Peter’s house.  I was just there for the night so he let me crash on his couch.  This is going to sound like a little bit of a ramble but it has a point!

I couldn’t help but notice that the couch stunk a little bit, this was something I just dealt with it.  I asked him about his interesting couch.  He told me the story of how he got it.  It was super interesting so I will share it with you and a new theory that I created, the “Money Couch Theory“.

Around 12 years ago his family purchased a couch.  This was a special made couch that they had custom made to match their house.  They waited 3 months for the couch, when they got the couch the pattern was a little off.  They had paid over $5000 for this couch and the pattern was off.  The designer of the couch was mad because he’d picked out the wrong pattern with them, it was both their faults but he took the blame for it.  He has spent 100’s of hours and tons of money getting it to this point.

He then took the couch back to his business and fixed it.  He then delivered the couch a couple weeks later after taking a big loss on the project.  They were very happy with it even though it took him a longer time to make it then expected.

Not three weeks later they decided that they didn’t want the couch anymore cause it didn’t quite fit the house.  The couch was hard, looked terrible and seemed to attract stains.  My friend then put it in his room because of the extreem price of the couch.  He put such a large dollar value to the couch because of what his family had paid the he overlooked all the faults in the couch. He still holds onto this couch 12 years later.

I asked him why he held onto the couch so long?  He told me that it was of such great value that he shouldn’t let go of it.  I then hunted on craigslist only to find a different couch that some was trying to pawn off for free.  Someone was giving away the same couch as my buddy, FOR FREE!  What he treasured so much, someone else was giving away.  It truly was a “one mans trash is another mans treasure” type of a situation.

Lessons Learned From A Couch

I’ve learned a lot from this stupid couch.  First, just because you spend a lot of money on something doesn’t mean that it’s really worth anything.  Second, people cherish the weirdest things, including a couch.  Third, no matter how much you try to convince someone that they have a crappy old couch that stinks…they’ll still hang onto it because of how much money someone else paid for it.

What Can You Learn From This?

There are a lot of people out there that are selling crap online.  Some of them are charging $1000’s of dollars, others are charging a $1.  Both of them are crap, it doesn’t matter how you look at it.  Don’t get sucked into crappy products online.  Pay attention to some of the leaders in the space and see what they recommend.  There are tons of great products out there that are worth your time and your money, buy them!

Spend your money wisely and don’t go spending $1000’s on a couch that you’re going to banish a couple weeks later.  For the things that you do spend a lot of money, cherish them like my friend cherishes his couch!


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