KnowMyRankings Tracks Your Google Performance

It’s something that you’ve likely heard many times before and you’re going to hear it many more times moving forward. If you want to do well with your online business, you need to keep track of all your most important statistics and analytics, particularly when it comes to your website traffic. And one of the biggest sources of web traffic continues to be the Google search engine.

One way that you can “supercharge your SEO strategy” is by signing up with KnowMyRankings, receiving “simple and powerful rank reports” that will keep you up to date on exactly how your website is performing with Google. Let’s get started with today’s review and see what this is all about.

Best-In-Class Google Rank Tracking

The fundamental idea behind KnowMyRankings is a familiar one. You want to see where your website ranks in Google for your target keywords and keyword phrases. What’s more, you want to keep tabs on whether your rankings are improving or getting worse.


With KnowMyRankings, you can get started with a free sample report that contains up to five such keyword phrases. The user interface on the homepage could not be simpler: you enter your URL in the first field and then you enter your keywords in the second field, separated by lines. It takes a few moments for the report to generate and then you see your corresponding Google ranking for each of your defined keyword phrases.


As a quick example, I generated a sample report for, seeing how I ranked for my own name and for the highly competitive term “freelance writer.” As you can see here, I’ve currently got the second slot for “Michael Kwan,” but I’m way down in 27th place for “freelance writer.” I could probably improve on that.

Weekly Progress Reports

The initial report only gives you that first glimpse into how your website is doing. However, you’ll find many more key features with KnowMyRankings when you dig a little deeper. That’s because it is designed to give you weekly rank reports.


These weekly reports can be accessed by logging into your account on their website, but they are also automatically emailed to you once a week too. The report not only shows how your website is currently ranking for each of your keywords, but also the ranking you had last week, last month and six months ago. There’s even a link for even deeper history, so you can keep tabs on your progress over an extended period of time.

When you log into your account, there is a section where you’ll find historical insights. You can get a simple line graph for your ranking each day in the past week, for instance, or you can see the highest ever position you held for each of your keywords. This, in and of itself, won’t improve your rankings, but then you can know whether or not your SEO efforts are having a positive impact.

It is important to note that KnowMyRankings only looks at the top 100 results for any given keyword. Then again, if you are beyond the top 100 for your keyword, it means you have a lot more work to do anyway.

How Much Does It Cost?

In addition to being a handy tool for tracking your Google rankings, KnowMyRankings also has another terrific feature that is well worth mentioning. Whereas many other online tools — not just ranking trackers — confine you into a pre-defined number of plans, KnowMyRankings is a lot more flexible.


Basically, you pay based on the number of keywords that you want to track. When your needs increase, you can adjust your plan accordingly. If you want to only focus on a small number of keywords, you can scale it back down. The plans start at $9.00/month for 10 keywords and they go up to $58.50/month for 200 keywords. If you want to track more than that, you can contact their sales team directly. This is for the number of keywords and not for the number of sites. You could have 10 keywords for 10 URLs (one each) or you could have 10 keywords for just one site. It’s the same price.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial with KnowMyRankings and see how you’re doing. You don’t need to supply a credit card and you don’t even need to verify your e-mail address to get started.