Learn to Sell Your Website with Flipanomics E-Course

One way to make money online is to build up a site or a blog to the point where it is generating a steady flow of income. That’s great, but what if you want to move on to another project? Just as you are able to sell a brick-and-mortar business to someone else, the same can be said about the digital business that is your website. But how do you do it?

Offering you a comprehensive guide on selling websites is Flipanomics, an online course that goes through all the ins and outs of selling web properties. Let’s make our way through today’s review and see what Flipanomics brings to the virtual marketplace where you can flip your site for a pretty sizable profit.

The Expert Guide to Selling Your Website

Instead of selling you an e-book that you can download, Flipanomics is more of a dynamic e-course in that you are provided access to an exclusive “members area” where all the learning material is stored. When you sign up, you get a username and password, just as you would for other member sites.

The layout for the members area is very simple. You have some primary links just below the header, as well as the main navigation links along the left side. All of the information and tools posted in the Flipanomics e-course is designed to teach you how to get top dollar when you are selling your website. this includes the core material, as well as a full toolbox and a list of seven other places to sell your site aside from Flippa.

They say that they “have literally compiled everything you need to get your website sold for the highest possible dollar amount” and that this e-course is “jam-packed with information and tips that we have developed and are using on daily basis ourselves.”

Your E-Course in Four Modules

The main part of the course is comprised of four modules. You can think of these almost like chapters in an e-book, except they’re published here in almost blog-like format.

Here is one of the articles from the first module, which focuses on some of the pre-selling questions you should ask. Namely, you want to decide whether you should sell or keep your site, whether it’s the right time to sell, and (as you can see above) how to set your expectations. This section also talks about valuations and timing.

As you make your way through the rest of the modules of Flipanomics, you’ll learn about how to prepare for the sale, how to list your site on Flippa (and other public marketplaces) in the best possible way, and how to go through the logistics of getting paid, transferring the domain and so on. If you’re comfortable with reading WordPress blogs on this subject, the core material in Flipanomics is just as digestible and just as easy to navigate.

What I found is that there is very little in terms of visual aids, so be prepared for a rather text-heavy course. To be fair, most of the individual articles are not extraneously long. The expectations article is one of the longer ones and it’s about 1800 words. The specific articles on Flippa, like whether your listing should be confidential and how to handle bidder due diligence, are particularly useful.

Bonuses, Extras and Toolbox

Yes, the e-course is the real meat and potatoes of Flipanomics, but you’re also provided with several additional resources.

Among the bonus materials are guides on common scams, exclusive interviews, and a blueprint for website transfers. In the toolbox, you’ll find an income statement template, a Flippa message template, a website transfer checklist, and more. They say that more content and more material is going to be added in the future too, and all current members will have free access to this new material.

How Much Does It Cost?

Given the membership configuration of Flipanomics, you would assume that it is set up for a monthly membership fee. And you would be wrong. While it may change in the future, the current price is a one-time fee of $97. This gives you lifetime access to all the content, including any new updates. If you’re satisfied, you can take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee.