LegalShield Offers Affordable Legal Advice for the Masses

Most of us would probably agree that it is a good idea to get the advice of a professional before proceeding with just about anything. Before you go and incorporate your own business, it’s probably a good idea to consult with a business tax professional. Before you put yourself on an extreme diet and exercise regimen, you should probably talk to your doctor. And before you do anything in regards to the law, you should probably seek legal counsel.

The problem — and it’s a big one — is that hiring a lawyer has typically been a very expensive endeavor, easily costing hundreds of dollars for each hour of consultation. What if there could be a more affordable way to get legal advice? That’s the fundamental idea behind LegalShield, the service that we’ll be discussing in today’s review. Can you afford to have a lawyer on your side? Can you afford not to?

Worry Less. Live More.

That’s the slogan for LegalShield. The big idea here is that you are able to access top-notch legal advice without having to go broke in the process. This is part of the reason why Tinh Tu decided to order up this review. He’s an independent associate with LegalShield and he firmly believes in the product.


It used to be the case that regular folks would have a hard time hiring an attorney, because they simply couldn’t afford to pay the legal fees. Maybe all you want is some advice on how to best battle that speeding ticket. It really doesn’t make sense to spend $500 on a lawyer to get out of a $175 speeding ticket, right?

And that’s how LegalShield is different. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get real legal advice from real legal professionals. Instead, you pay a monthly subscription to keep the attorneys on a retainer for you and the monthly fee can be as low as $17. You can surely afford that.

How Does It Work?

When you go to seek the legal counsel of a lawyer under more conventional means, you probably book an appointment with the secretary and you make a physical visit to the lawyer’s office. That’s not how the affordable legal advice from LegalShield works.


You are not bound to one specific attorney with one particular specialization. Instead, after you’ve signed up to be a member, received your membership package, and registered on the corresponding website, you gain access to a 1-800 number.

When you call that number, the person answering will ask for a basic explanation of your legal situation and the kind of help that you are seeking. By doing this, an attorney who is best suited to your circumstances will be assigned to your case and he or she will call you back within 8 business hours. You can then proceed to ask questions and get the advice that you need.

What’s the Catch?

Realistically, there isn’t one. You just have to keep up with your monthly dues to keep the attorneys on a retainer. That’s how LegalShield is able to offer these services at such an affordable price, as there are many members contributing to this pool and many of them won’t need legal advice every month.


Right now, LegalShield is only available in Canada and the United States, but the pricing will vary from state to state, province to province. For example, the LegalShield Legal Plan is $17/month in California. You can optionally add on an identity theft plan or the premium identity theft plan. All of these plans include you, your spouse, and dependent children.


The same LegalShield Legal Plan in British Columbia, however, is $26 per month. That’s still much cheaper than what you’d typically have to pay a lawyer if you sought legal counsel yourself, but it is more than the California rate.

Is It Worth It?

That’s up to you. Considering how much it would cost to have your own lawyer on retainer, the plans starting at $17 per month sound like an absolute bargain. You should keep in mind that that the Legal Plan is only for advice or guidance over the phone, plus reviewing legal documents up to 10 pages. If you need any legal services beyond that, like working with you in a court situation, the monthly charge from LegalShield certainly wouldn’t cover that.