Live a Healthier Life with Kenrico Detox Pads

Most of us were initially drawn to John Chow dot Com because of John’s monumental success in the world of professional blogging and Internet marketing. Our eyes go big with all of those massive checks that he gets, but if you were to ask John, he’d tell you it’s not really about the money, per se and it’s more about the “dot com lifestyle” that the money is able to afford him. And you can’t enjoy that lifestyle if you’re bogged down with all sorts of health problems.

And that’s why today’s review is a little bit different from other reviews featured here in the past. It’s not so much about raking in the dough as much as it is about taking better care of your body and ridding it of toxins. For that, we turn our attention to Kenrico, a company based out of Japan that aims to empower you with a healthier, safer and more vibrant life.

What Is Kenrico?

When it comes to the broad world of health products, you find that companies generally fall into one of two categories. You have pharmaceutical companies that produce a variety of prescription and over-the-counter drugs and then you have more of the “natural remedy” companies that focus a little more on what some might call alternative medicine. Kenrico appears to fit somewhere in between, extracting its products from natural sources, but taking a medically-inclined approach.


For the most part, you’ll find that a good deal of the health products sold by Kenrico are related to toxin extraction. The rationale is that this is really the root cause of so many ailments and by cleansing our bodies of these heavy metals and such, we can prevent headaches, reduce stress, alleviate depression, and rejuvenate skin. They say it can get rid of wrinkles and minimize pain too. It’s like a miracle drug!

Organic Sap Sheets and Detox Pads

One of their main products is the Kenrico Sap Sheet, which is effectively a detox pad that you adhere to the sole of your feet. Based on centuries of Japanese wisdom, this is a medical treatment invented and patented by the researchers at Kenrico that aims to rid your body of different toxins. Kenrico says it has successfully treated a wide range of diseases and illnesses.


Trying to understand how these detox pads work can be a little confusing. On the Kenrico website, it says that “far infrared rays and beneficial ions emitted from the Sap Sheet induce thermal vasodilatation that penetrates semi-permiable skin, where it dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow and moves waste fluids out of the body.”

That’s mostly Greek to me, but it sounds like the Sap Sheet encourages your body to exude the toxins and waste products, which are then absorbed by the Sap Sheet’s active ingredients. These pads are placed on the bottom of your feet, they say, because that is where most of the nerves in your body terminate. This is rooted in the ancient healing art of reflexology. Kenrico owns the patent on their detox pads, which are made in Japan. They’re the originals.

Kenrico’s detox pads are of superior quality to those made elsewhere, because those other pads may contain “low grade ingredients and contaminants that can be very hazardous to your health.” These other pads are cheap knockoffs and could have tainted or hazardous ingredients.

What Is Sporopollenin?

The primary active ingredient in the detox pads is something called sporopollenin, for which Kenrico has apparently been granted multiple worldwide patents.


Honestly, it doesn’t sound all that pleasant, but I suppose neither do most of the things on which drugs and health products are based. Sporopollenin is effectively made from the outer walls of spores and pollen grains. What they’ve done is remove the genetic materials and protective shell from the outside, leaving a “porous space” that can then absorb toxins and heavy metals. It’s because the sporopollenin naturally binds to these substances “like a sponge.”

Results Proven by Clinical Research

Naturally (no pun intended), we should be taking all of these bold claims with a significant grain of salt. I’ve always been skeptical about these sort of things, but somehow I have no issue popping some ibuprofen when I get a headache and downing some cold and flu medicine.


Thankfully, Kenrico is backing up its claims with some real clinical research. They’ve partnered with research labs in Japan and in the United States, continuing “to invest in the research and innovation of alternative medicines.” I am, by no means, any sort of medical expert, but I would say that I’d give more credence to these studies if I saw them published in an online medical journal. These studies may be published in a recognized medical journal somewhere, but this information needs to be available on the Internet for public scrutiny.

If you want to give Kenrico a try, they have a product sample request form at the bottom of most product pages and they are being sold on Amazon with prices starting at around $25 per package.