Logos and Mascots Make You Money

Branding is a very important aspect to running a successful business. We all know that and it doesn’t take much to convince anyone else of this integral fact. It’s also true that logos can play a very big part in defining a brand, so it makes sense for any company to invest proper time and money into creating the right logo.

What do you do if you want to capitalize in this market but you are neither a graphic designer nor a particularly good artist? You can take advantage of the LogoNerds.com affiliate program. Over the course of this review, we’ll explore what LogoNerds.com has to offer and how you can make “easy money” using their affiliate program.

From Professional Logos to Custom Mascots

Before we discuss how you can make money promoting the products and services offered by LogoNerds.com, perhaps it would be appropriate to look at the actual products and services themselves.

LogoNerds.com is a small business logo design service that is meant to be affordable and of high quality. According to the main page, these designs are “second to none” and they offer the same high quality “for a fraction of the cost” of their competitors.


Starting at one end of the spectrum are the professional web logos and professional business logos. Here are a few of the distinctive samples featured on the homepage for LogoNerds.com. Each of these is meant to offer a unique personality, capturing exactly what that brand is all about. For one price, you get your choice of several concepts with free revisions.

If you’re looking to put a face to your company, then you may be more interested in the character mascot design service. Here, LogoNerds.com would produce something similar to the mascots you see on the blogs of Tyler Cruz and Zac Johnson.


Here is the sample that the LogoNerds.com team produced featuring our very own root of all evil. Do you think it captures the personality of our dot com mogul or is it too generic for your tastes? That’s up to you to determine.

Making Money with the Affiliate Program

Even if you don’t know how to create logos and mascots of your own, you can make money promoting them through the affiliate program. With prices lower than the competition, LogoNerds.com might be easier for you to promote.


Further still, you don’t have to sign up for a separate referral program with a separate payment and separate affiliate dashboard. That’s because the LogoNerds.com program is powered by ShareASale. If you already have an account with ShareASale, it takes one click to apply for the LogoNerds.com affiliate program. This way, your monthly payments can be aggregated with your other ShareASale earnings.

The commission rate with LogoNerds.com is 25% and this is on all orders, including any additional services that are purchased. Other notable highlights include referral tracking that never expires and two-tier referrals. This means that you can refer other webmasters and make money from the sales that they refer.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Based on the 25% commission rate, how much money can someone make with promoting the logo creation service? Well, that obviously depends on the sale price and the volume of sales that you are able to refer.


As mentioned, LogoNerds.com has priced itself quite low compared to similar services offered elsewhere on the net. From the order screen, you can see that a web-ready logo can be produced for $27. A single referral here will earn you $6.75.

The affiliate program page offers a slightly more optimistic view, reminding you that referring five logo sales a day results in $1000/month. Even further, refer 15 mascot sales a day and you can earn over $10,000 a month. That’s probably unlikely for most affiliates, but it’s possible.

Featuring easy integration with ShareASale, tracking cookies that never expire, and a reasonable 25% commission rate, the LogoNerds.com affiliate program looks like it could be a lucrative proposition in the hands of the right affiliate. The logos look pretty good too and, considering the affordable price, this should be an easy sale on your part.