Look What Came In The Mail


My badge for the Consumer Electronics Show showed up in the mail today. This year’s show happens in Las Vegas from January 8-11. We’ll be flying down on January 7th. Being from Canada, I get a nice “International” ribbon to go with my badge.

I get the feeling the CES is going a bit cheap this year. Included with my badge are a bunch of box lunch coupons. Normally, the CES press lunch is catered and no one cares if you go up for 2nd, 3rd or 5th. Offering a coupon seems to indicate one lunch per person. I hope the press bag is still a roller bag. I would hate to get that laptop bag from a few years back.

There is a lot to do before CES. I need to make the final invite list for my CES party at the MGM Skylofts. I am also hosting a TTZ Media dinner for affiliates as well. I haven’t decided on the restaurant yet. Anyone know a good place to eat in Vegas?