Lunch With Ed Lau

Me eating Ed eating

Ed Lau over at the.[ED]ition has posted the interview he did with me over lunch at a local Richmond eatery. I had a seafood noodle with ice milk tea while Ed had some fried noodle with ice lemon tea. Ed started his blog on November 6 and has already knocked down 37 blog posts and nearly 20,000 page views.

Ed’s line of questioning is way different than any other interviews I’ve done. This is because I know Ed personally. We talked about blogging, the state of the Internet and my recent banning from Digg. You can read the full interview here.

One thing I want to clear up about the interview. While I did in fact provoke a serial killer (his name was Terry Driver), I did not kill any baby pandas in a rock fight. However, I’m pretty sure I injured a few humans.