Major Upgrade PublisherSpot

My fellow British Columbian, Tyler Cruz, has made a major upgrade to his PublisherSpot site. PublisherSpot is a site that tracks and review ad networks. If you’re wondering which networks to join and which ones pays the most, then PublisherSpot can give you the answer. Not only can you read reviews, but you can rate the ad networks yourself based on your experience. It’s a great resource for bloggers looking to make money online.

The amount of upgrades made to PublisherSpot are so great that Tyler put together this 15 minute screencast to explain it all. Some of the new features include:

  • Universal Member System
  • Member Commenting System
  • Improved Voting System
  • Front Page News Area
  • Search by Name Function

Check out the new PublisherSpot and let Tyler know what you think.