Make Great Looking Sales Pages with WordPress Sales Theme

WordPress Sales Theme was created with every internet marketer in mind. In the past, anytime I needed a landing page it took me a long time to create one. Editing one was ever harder, since I had to edit HTML in a text editor and than upload to server again via FTP. The WordPress Sales Theme allows you to use the full power of WordPress to create great looking, high converting, sales, landing and squeeze pages with just a few clicks of the mouse. Using WordPress text editor, you can easily add or change text, add images or video and much more. No need to use FTP ever again.

Sales Themes This will enable you to split test different layouts, text and graphics very fast and ensure best conversions. The theme uses the proven sales letter format, but with a more modern and nicer looking design.

Editing sales copy is very easy with Sales Theme. Just use WordPress text editor and their pre-made H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 text formats. To make this even faster, Sales Theme created a sales text template for you to follow. Simply copy and paste it into the WordPress text editor, change the text into yours and start selling any product within just a few minutes.

Another great thing about using WordPress for a sales page is the incredible flexibility you have. You can use any kind of SEO, URL redirection or contact us plugin. You can use the commenting system to allow people to add testimonials or disable it. Use the build in search engine friendly permalinks option, add a blog to your sales page and much more.

Some features that WordPress Sales Theme offers:

  • Use a header or remove it. If you choose to use it, we have made 5 great headers you can change in between with a simple click. Or you can upload your own.
  • Use top menu or remove it. If you choose to use it, it is 100% customizable using the Menu function.
  • Add testimonials anywhere you want them in seconds!
  • Add a blog to your sales site.
  • Add unlimited sub-pages, such us Privacy Policy or Contact us.
  • Use commenting or disable it.
  • Use search engine friendly URLs.
  • Use our pre-made sales page template and start selling any product in seconds.
  • Use any WordPress plugin you want.
  • Set your own background. It can be an image or solid color.
  • Have a sidebar or remove it. If you choose to have a sidebar, use Widgets function to customize it!
  • Create great looking lists anywhere on sales page

Sales Theme has a special add testimonial feature. Just write a testimonial like you would any other post or page. Add an image or video if you want and click publish. Than just add the testimonial anywhere on sales page you want using [testimonial id=”id”]. This is the easiest way to add any testimonial in any form.

Sales Theme is also priced right at only $29.95. Other similar themes can cost $97 and more and they don’t even use the full power of WordPress 3.0+. This theme was made by the same person that created a very popular free WordPress tube theme and it’s made to the highest standard and with ease of use in mind.

Sales Theme comes with unlimited domain license and a 30 days money back guarantee. If you’re an internet marketer, this will probably be the best $29.95 you ever invested online. You can now create unlimited landing, sales or squeeze pages in just minutes with this product. Watch the video to see how powerful the theme is.

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