Make Money Giving Away Free Resources


You may have noticed that there is a bit of a backlash in the blogosphere over Adsense and many people are looking for alternative methods to monetize their sites. The idea behind RevResponse is that you can profit from offering your visitors access to free business and tech resources. Your visitors get quality resources for free, you get paid, and the advertiser gains a contact. Sounds like everyone wins, right? Read the rest of this review to see if RevResponse is a viable Adsense alternative.

Make Money Online with RevResponse

Instead of pointing visitors toward potential competitors and unrelated websites, RevResponse is designed to provide visitors to your site with an opportunity to enjoy free resources. These include free magazine subscriptions, white papers, software trials, and podcasts. When they complete the provided registration form for any of these free resources, you get paid.

This may prove to be a particularly effective model for make money online blogs, because you can point visitors toward magazines and other resources that they may be interested in anyways. From their point of view, you’re offering additional value. It may or may not be perceived as an advertisement in the traditional sense, and as such, you could potentially enjoy a much better conversion rate.


The three steps to making money sound pretty straightforward, right? But how much money can you really make with RevResponse?

Profitability and Payment

With so many other advertising networks out there, why should you even consider signing up with RevResponse? Well, they guarantee a $1.50 minimum on every qualified subscription or request your audience generates. That’s guaranteed, but the FAQ says “it’s uncommon for a publisher to earn the bare minimum and you should expect to earn substantially more.” In fact, according to the email sent to John, the payout can be over $20 for each sign-up. That sounds reasonably lucrative, considering that most upstart CPC networks generate only pennies per click. You might find more lucrative affiliate marketing deals elsewhere though.

The default payment method is via check, but PayPal is offered as an alternative for any international “partners” or those who prefer instant payment. The minimum payout level is $25 and payments are sent approximately 45 days after the end of the month in which revenue is generated. I would have liked a faster turnaround.

Setting Up Your Ads


There are a variety of ad formats for you to choose from and these can be implemented on just about any website or blog. There are also creatives that are easily integrated into email campaigns and other advertising methods.

Using the Ad Wizard, you are able to choose from the usual smattering of ad space formats, including popular sizes like the 120×600 skyscraper, 300×250 box, and 468×60 banner. Alternatively, you can get the Ad Wizard to generate a custom paragraph, text link, or — perhaps the most dynamic — the flash widget.

That’s a live flash widget on the right. Visitors are able to select a category of interest and then immediately browse through the available resources in that category. As mentioned earlier, these resources range from free magazine subscriptions to eye-opening research reports. The flash widget is available in nine color schemes — blue, black, red, etc. — and three sizes: 120×240, 210×240, and 300×250.

You can further customize the widget by selecting whether visitors have access to a category chooser. In either case, you must select an “industry” to display initially. These range from agriculture to information technology.

Co-Branding For Non-Advertising

To further the “we’re not an ad” mentality at RevResponse, they are able to provide you with a co-branded website. They take the existing template for your site and then transform it into a portal for all these free resources. Here’s what Beyond the Rhetoric looks like as a RevResponse-ized site.


They say that this site is powered by TradePub and this is evidenced in the URI: It’s actually reasonable effective, I think, because there is full navigation on the left and thumbnail images and descriptions for all the content. In fact, the click-throughs on your ad spots and flash widgets may link to your co-branded site instead of directly to a third-party.

Free Stuff Makes Money For You

The concept of RevResponse appears to be quite strong, especially since they guarantee a minimum payout of $1.50 per referred subscription or registration. The variety of ad types is quite useful and the co-branded site definitely adds some “non-ad” value.

One major aspect missing from the FAQ and other supplemental information is a preview of these ad spots. Potential “partners” want to see what they’re getting when they sign up, after all. Other than that, go ahead and give away free magazine subscriptions… and profit from doing so.