Make Money on Social Networks with SociBuzz

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s pretty apparent to the rest of us that social media has grown tremendously in the last few years. Just as blogging went from a personal exploit to a professional enterprise, the same thing is happening with the social networks. Advertisers are recognizing the value of this exposure and publishers are recognizing the money-making potential.

And that’s how we’ve to today’s review of SociBuzz. There may be other advertising platforms out there that focus on Twitter or Facebook, but SociBuzz takes social advertising to a much broader audience, all while keeping the system as simple and straighforward as possible.

Monetize Your Social Media Traffic

One of the biggest differentiating factors that sets SociBuzz apart from its competitors is the breadth of available advertising and monetization avenues.

Whereas other social advertising platforms focus solely on Facebook or Twitter, SociBuzz works with multiple traffic sources. This expands to Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogger, Tumblr and even MySpace. They recognize that the social activities of the average web user aren’t restricted to just one or two networks. We’re everywhere and that means that advertisers have the opportunity to reach audiences on all these different platforms.

The actual advertising can be as varied as any other online ad platform. From the perspective of the publisher (or social media user), this means that you can promote products, websites, services, causes or anything else that matches “the voice of your social media accounts.”

Now Open to Public Beta

It is very important to note the SociBuzz is currently in public beta, so there will still be more changes and optimizations happening over the next while. What this means, both as a publisher and an advertiser, is that you have the opportunity to get in early, figure out the system, and capitalize as much as possible before SociBuzz gets flooded with more users.

After you sign up for a free account–which is used both for the publisher and the advertiser side of things–you must then set up your profile. The profile page is largely in line with what you’d expect from any social profile, giving you a space to enter your name, headline, website, and avatar, plus the ability to connect to your various social media accounts. You’ll definitely need those connections if you want to share and monetize through those channels.

Below that, you enter your pertinent contact information, as well as your PayPal email for funding campaigns (as an advertiser) and receiving payments (as a publisher). Finally, there is a section for you to choose some of your interests, which will help to narrow down the campaigns that show up on your user dashboard.

Previewing the User Dashboard

The main dashboard is very straightforward. Your main profile information is near the top, as well as quick stats about your reach and earnings. From the perspective of the publisher, you can also see the available opportunities.

Since SociBuzz is still quite early in its public beta, there were only six offers at the time that I wrote this review. That’ll grow as more advertisers come on board. From this main screen, you can see the image, name, and description associated with each opportunity, as well as the estimated per-click payout. Most payouts are in the one-cent to five-cent range on a per-click basis.

SociBuzz offers weekly payments by PayPal with a low minimum threshold of just one dollar. This way, it’s a lot easier having more money on hand on a frequent and regular basis.

From the Advertiser’s Perspective

What if you want to advertise through SociBuzz? That’s very easy to do too.

Switching over to the advertiser account, you’ll find a link to create a new campaign. You name it, provide a destination URL and a description, as well as a sample post. You can upload the image and then select which social networks you’d like to utilize. In the case of Twitter, you can also choose between the different account levels based on number of followers, but the higher levels require higher minimum bid prices.

For instance, bids on Twitter with no preference on audience size have a $0.01/click minimum. If you move all the way to the “superior” level with 5,000 followers and a 1:5 ratio, the minimum bid is $0.25. You can also tack on additional filters, like country targeting ($0.02) and category targeting ($0.07). The minimum campaign size is $25.

Make Money from Social Networks

While I am personally not that interested in being a publisher with SociBuzz due to the relatively low CPC, you can see how you can be equally intrigued as an advertiser thanks to the multi-platform support and lower CPC levels. Those bid prices may rise as more advertisers come on board, so if you are interested in advertising through YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks, now is a great time to try SociBuzz.