The 15-Minute Rule To Make More Money Online

This post was guest blogged by Alex Shalman.

Making money online is an amazing possibility whose main glamor is the promise of no 9-5, working in your Pajamas, and operating totally mobile from anywhere in the world.

This sounds good to me, and I already know that you’re enrolled because you love JohnChow.COM just as much as I do. John already has all the principles down to make major money online in his free ebook (which you should download immediately).

What I’m going to share with you is the implementation of make money online principles using the 15-Minute Rule. The point is that in just 15 minutes each day to concentrate on one activity you will be able to greatly improve in this area over time and make more money online.

Here are some suggestions on how you could use your 15 minutes per day. Feel free to add more activities in the comments below. If you guys add a lot of useful information I will do a follow up post which will include your comments.

Social Networking and Traffic Generation.

Take 15 minutes each day to make social networking contacts. These are people you can ask to vote on your articles in order to help you go viral in social networking sites. If you can make 5 new friends each day at the end of the year you will have built an e-mail list of 1825 to vote on your articles (does that sound like digg front page material?)

The ways in which you can go about this is by picking and dominating 1 social networking site at a time. Start with StumbleUpon, and search for people with the same interests as you. Give them a quick thumbs up on their profile and add them as a friend. You can have a maximum of 200 friends that you can send direct requests to per account. Then follow up with digg, propeller, or a niche specific social networking site.

Reader Interaction and Support.

Take 15 minutes a day to respond to comments on your blog and return e-mails from readers. Readers are much more likely to return if they know there is an ongoing conversation within your comments. This will in turn help to promote a community surrounding your blog. When you reach the point where you have a small but tightly nit group of readers that will evangelize you, you will be able to blow the ceiling off your blogs possibilities.

Once you know that your readers are your number one cheerleaders you may ask for their help in making your blog work better. Ask for advice on which topics to write on, what they want to see more or less of, to vote on social networking sites, and to tell their friends and family about you.

Blog Design and Infrastructure.

As you surf the web, take note of blog features that you find most beautiful and most functional. Once you’ve assembled a list of what your dream blog would look like on paper, hand it over to Unique Blog Designs to make it a reality. They’re responsible for good looking blogs like the one you see here and the one on my site.

You can also use this time to make sure your about page, and other important pages are well written and effective. Choose several different ways in which you can present your articles. (Ex. List posts, polls, videos, reviews, inter-blogger communications).

Source Your Ideas.

Creating unique ideas to make money online is great, and so is the process of following a road that has already been paved for you. Regardless of which approach you take, you’ll want to be educated and well-read in the subject matter. Whether you have a make money online blog, or you make money online with a niche blog, you’ll want to be an expert in your field. You can do this by generating the best ideas in the land.

You can make it a daily habit to take 15 minutes to brain-storm topics for your blog. Just vomit ideas onto your paper, pick the very best, write about those and get rid of the rest. Repeat this. When you get two similar ideas, but can generate different posts from them, you may wish to donate it for a guest post and attract a bigger audience

Know Your Niche

Take 15 minutes each day to find similar sites and blogs in your niche. It’s important to know who the big players are because they hold the key to opening your doors to a much wider audience. You will want to take the top 5 or 10 in your niche (even more if you have the time), read, comment, and keep in touch with the site owners.

When time comes for you to hand in a guest post, or ask for a link to a very good article, you’ll already have rapport and an established friend in the field. This will also allow you to enter partnerships for various projects. Do not over look this step.

Plan and Organize.

Take 15 minutes each day to plan exactly what you’re going to work on within the realm of your blog to make money online. This could involve looking at all the points covered above and deciding when and how you will put each point into action.

At the very least planning will help you to kick-start your blog writing. However, you won’t get just the very least, you’ll get much more. This is the key to you success.

Be the type of person, that will do the required things, to accomplish your goals. Enough is as much as it takes.